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Here are videos that I have made, grouped by category:


How to Make a Simple Child’s Dress, pt 1

How to Make a Simple Child’s Dress, pt 2


How to Cook Cream of _________ Cereal

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    Cheryl Young 

    Very good presentation and easy to follow instructions.
    You get an A+ and I’m sure many others will be blessed by saving money as well as keeping your children nicely dressed.
    And Gislaini gets an A+ for big smile!
    Keep it up Lisa!
    Would be great to show people how to make simple pants/tights…and tips on reusing materials such as used jeans/denim or mens shirts…there’s so much we can do to cut cost if we keep careful eye out.
    Garage Sales and thrift stores are a wealth of goodies to be re-purposed and with our failing economy, we’ll see more and more of this “re-purposing”
    When I was teenager, I loved Sonny and Cher, bell bottoms made from heavy fabric. We lived across street from 2nd hand store and was given a pair of old drapes made out of deep burgundy color velveteen with paisley pattern in materials nap (not sure if I’m describing this correctly as it was all one color, just had paisley pattern in the fabric.
    I didn’t have a pattern, so I took apart an old pair of pants and made my own pattern. I learned how to sew when wanted expensive Barbie clothing.
    I was 9 yrs old when began sewing and have sewing literally miles of fabric into countless outfits. Now I love adding machine embroidered touches to things I make, create…just isn’t enough time for all I’d love to do!
    Anyway…I was sooo proud of my “Bell Bottom” pants and wore them for long time.
    Keep on sharing Lisa!…only critique suggestion I’d like to make, is lighting.
    I have a tri-pod camera stand you’re welcome to have if you’d like $1.00!
    Hugs to your babies! Cheryl

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind for the future. Oh, and I have 2 tripods now! Didn’t then. Better camera, too. :)

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