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Today Connie @ and I each demonstrate something for Tutorial Tuesday. Click the link above to see what she’s demonstrating.

When I was asked to shorten a skirt with three layers, I decided I absolutely had to get a rolled hemming foot. But I couldn’t figure out how to use it. The instructions that came with it were very obscure and useless.

So I went looking for a good video. I found this one. I thought I would post it, rather than reinventing the wheel, especially since my sewing machine is now packed for the upcoming move!

See how easy that is? I was able to get the job done in about 2 1/2 hours–and I probably could have gone faster if I hadn’t been learning. I’m glad I bought it, too. I was able to use it on two subsequent projects. It only cost me $15 and earned me nearly $100 in less than two weeks! Very, very worth it!

And sometime next month, after we are moved and settled and I have my sewing room set up and find the camera–if you’ve ever moved, you know what I mean!–I plan on doing a video demonstration of another use for the rolled hemming foot. And yes, I’ll be doing the video myself.

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