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Maybe you’ve heard of the health benefits of coconut oil. Then again, maybe you are still one of those who thinks of saturated fat when you think of coconut oil. It’s true: coconut oil is high in saturated fat. But not the same kind that causes build-up in the arteries. It’s a healthy kind that actually boosts the metabolism while satisfying your body’s need for healthy fats.

But my purpose in this post is not to tout the benefits of coconut oil. The research is out there, and those links are just a start. What I want to do is tell you a not-so-well known tip on how to use coconut oil.

Besides using it for sauteing most everything that needs sauteing, I also put it on the table some days. Two favorites are lentil and split pea soups. We add a spoonful of Nutiva coconut oil to the soup and stir. It will melt quickly, because coconut oil melts at 76°. Usually we throw in a spoonful or two of nutritional yeast. This combination makes delicious soup absolutely mouthwatering! At least we think so.

Works for me!

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    coconut oil is fantastic! Also, if you want to wrap burritos up and fry them in a pan with a little coconut oil, they turn a beautiful golden color and taste oh so good and crispy on the outside. most oils burn them terribly. I love coconut oil and even use it in the place of Crisco or shortening in pie crusts with splendid results!

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    I, too, love Coconut Oil. I think it makes baked goods taste so much better. We use it sometimes as “butter” on toast or pancakes. I even use it as an eye moisturizer and mix a small amount in my body lotion. I have been wanting to post about coconut oil, too, but just haven’t had the time. So many freak out about the saturated fat part.

  1. […] Coconut oil is the best oil to use when cooking, because it does not alter like other oils do, if not overheated. It is not like other saturated fats, and actually has a lot of health benefits. It’s about the only oil I cook with anymore. You could use another kind of oil if you don’t have it, but I recommend you research it and get some. You can read a recent post on the topic here. […]

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