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I just found these pictures on our camera and thought I’d post them. They are a week or two old. Enjoy!

Gislaine watches the hopper of our Champion Juicer Grain Grinder and tells me when it’s getting low:

I let her help me grate a carrot for veggie patties (recipe coming soon). I put the chairs in such a way that Manny couldn’t fall off:

He decided to get in on the action, too:

Sometimes I get a break from feeding Manny. But then I have to clean the bib for sure afterward. Manny tends to be rather fastidious and doesn’t like his chin getting food on it, so this doesn’t happen too often:

Here is Gislaine’s new jean skirt. I made it recently. You can go to my portfolio to see more pictures of it:

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    Rose (MOM) 

    Lisa, please leave the pictures of house and kids on cause Nadine Munsey may get on and look at them. I told her about them last Sabbath the 29th.
    Talk to you later, thanks!!!!! Love Mom.

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    Don’t worry, Mom, they’re not ever getting taken down. :) Just look in the archives, or bookmark the pages so you can find them later.

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