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Several years ago I was taking a Sabbath afternoon walk with some friends, and accidentally splattered mud on the back of my white knee socks. I had been doing my own laundry long enough to learn that bleach doesn’t get out mud, and I was very unhappy. Out loud, I mused, “I wonder what can get mud out of white,” not really expecting an answer. But I got one. “Ivory soap.” I tried it, and it worked!

Since then, I try never to be without a bar of ivory soap in the house. Of course, the fact that my husband uses it to bathe helps, but even then, it is just so handy. I use it to clean shirt collars and cuffs that have gotten stained, to take the dirt out of white socks, and even for pretreating some food stains. It’s cheap and effective, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Great tip! I had not heard that before, but I’ll have to remember it. Thanks!

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    Wow. What a great tip. Thanks for sharing.

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    Linda Dietz 

    Found your blog due to googling about homemade laundry soap. My sweet daughter decided to make lots of gifts this year for Christmas. She decided to make me perhaps a lifetime supply of laundry soap using Ivory as her base. I’ve used it a couple times, but I get the feeling it is/will leave a “soap scum” on my clothes. I know some people make their own detergent using Castile soap. Would that be better? Don’t want to hurt her feelings, but…not sure about this whole adventure. Anyone have any experience w/homemade Ivory laundry soap?

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    Castile soap might be better, but I really never had much success with any of them. I made my laundry soap with ivory soap bars for several months, and that is when my laundry looked the dingiest. For some reason, if I handwashed something (like muddy socks) in ivory soap, the dirt would just come right out. But if I used it in the washer, it just didn’t seem to work. If you rinse with vinegar, you might undo some of the left-behind-soap-scum effect, but I really am not the person to give you much encouragement on homemade detergent! Sorry!

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