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By Melissa Toledo on Flickr

This week Sarah at Sarah’s Heart’s Home and I are discussing Quiet Time Ideas for Toddlers. A couple of days ago I listed a few ideas to keep preschoolers from being bored. A few of those ideas could work for toddlers as well, so I’m not going to repeat those here.

Maybe I should clarify that by “toddlers” I mean from the age the kid starts walking (sometime around 1 year old) until about 3 years old. By 3 years old, they aren’t really “toddlers” anymore, and then we call them preschoolers, I guess. I’m still trying to figure this all out! So there will probably be some overlapping of age groups in these ideas.

At this age, most kids still take a nap or two every day, so that is probably my favorite thing for them to do! However, my 3 1/2 year old only takes naps sporadically now–unless I wake her up early, in which case she will probably sleep for at least an hour, if not two, in the afternoon. But I can’t rely on this anymore.

One idea that come to mind is books. My daughter has “quiet time” in the morning before breakfast, where she looks at Bible story books quietly. Sometimes we let her use the computer (we don’t have a CD player right now) to listen to one of her books read out loud. This time will later evolve into personal devotions as she grows older.

I’m not terribly full of ideas, but I have rounded up a few sites, and I think they will be able to give you some more ideas. Sorry I’m not more creative, but I’m writing this before we move (because I won’t have time to get it done on time after the move), and my brain just isn’t very creative right now.

Here’s a list of a number of activities.
This post has a few ideas. It’s written from the perspective of a day-care, but could work for anyone.
This article is like a step-by-step guide for toddler quiet time. Definitely worth perusing.
This list of activities isn’t necessarily for quiet time, but it was so good I just had to include it. Many of the ideas could be adapted for quiet time.

Check back in two weeks when Sarah and I share a day in our lives. In the mean time, check back every day for other regularly scheduled posts, and other updates on my life.

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