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See if you can spot the problem with this photo:

It’s easy to miss from this angle. Maybe a toddler’s perspective will help:

Pretty obvious now, eh? Let me tell you my story.

It was last fall. My memory says it was the day after Thanksgiving. I had cooked millet overnight in the crock pot for a recipe, and after taking out what I needed, I moved it out of my way. But I didn’t think about the cord.

Manny came into the kitchen, and the cord was the first thing to catch his notice. Something new! So exciting. So he did what any normal toddler would do. He pulled.

A moment later, my heart nearly stopped as I whirled around to see Manny laying on the floor, surrounded by pieces of broken glass and bits of cooked millet. The crock was upside down on his left, the lid shattered. But he was unhurt! He was crying as if he had just had the fright of his life–and indeed he had–but he was okay.

If the crock had landed on his head, I imagine it could have killed him. I am convinced his angel pushed it out of the way. I’ll double check when I get to heaven. Daddy came running and snatched him out of the mess, while I tried to calm my shaking knees with the thought that he was okay, and proceeded to clean up the mess. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so scared in my whole life!

So now, when I move the crock pot, I make sure it looks like this:

Just in case you’re wondering, I found a “new” lid a while later at the Goodwill.

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