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Have you ever pulled something out of the fridge and gone, “I wonder how long this has been in here…”?

Yeah, me too. For some things, it doesn’t matter so much how long it’s been there, especially if you have plans to use it in a day or two. But in my house, sometimes my husband wants to know how long something has been there. So here is the solution I came up with:

It’s so easy. All I do is whip out my trusty dry-erase marker (which is on my fridge anyway, because that’s how I write out my daily to-do lists) and write the contents and the date it went in there. This works for anything from Rice Milk (which is what you see above–tutorial on how to make it is coming next week) to leftovers to, well, anything. It will write on metal or plastic (one of the lids is plastic and the other is metal). They will wash off with a damp cloth later. You can write it on smooth plastic storage container lids too. Textured lids will be harder to clean, but I have done it.

I used to try using masking tape, but then I could never find it. Or it was too old and hard to get off. Or it would stick to the lid and make a mess to clean up. This method works so easily and cleans up so nicely!

So that’s what works for me!

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