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Sorry I didn’t get an update posted last week. By the time I got done with everything I needed to do online (remember, I get on once a week), I didn’t have time.

I’m not even sure what week this is or where I should be. All I know is I tipped the scales at 140 even Sunday morning. Seems like that was up one pound from the week before. Sounds like I need to get focused!

Seriously, though, I spent the last two weeks furiously sewing 4 prairie dresses, complete with sun bonnets and pinafore or apron to go with them. It took me at least 30 hours of sewing, when you include set-up and take-down time and fixing mistake time. I actually set up the computer at home two weeks ago, and have been on it hardly at all, thanks to all the sewing I have done. Figuring out my tithe, savings, and such on my earnings from all that sewing is probably the better part of what I did on it during that time. Then I had to make a new swimsuit cover (because I REFUSE to wear a swimsuit in public without a modest cover over it) for the get-together at a church member’s house on the 4th, so after finishing the dresses, I did some sewing for me. So although here are a lot of things I would love to blog about, I just don’t have the time. Or at least I haven’t for the last two weeks!

But that should change. My next sewing project, sewing 5 pillowcase dresses, will be much quicker and easier. I could probably do all 5 in 1 day, so maybe two. I won’t have to spend every spare minute doing it! So I will try to get some of my thoughts down on paper–er, Word. And now that I have a new thumb drive, I can save my work and carry it to the library to post, which won’t take near as long as trying to write a post while time runs out, as I am now.

So expect that starting next week, I will be posting a few thought-provoking posts, as well as updates on my life, the house, and other things. Blessings to you!

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