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Have you ever bought a package of mushrooms, only to have them go bad before you could use them—or use them all? I have, more than I care to remember. But not anymore!

At our local grocery store, I can buy mushrooms in bulk. They also sometimes have paper bags nearby. It took me a while to figure out why. Now I know.

You see, mushrooms are a kind of fungus, but they can spoil once picked, if conditions are too moist. Leaving them in the plastic containers they are often sold in does not allow them to breathe, so if they are not used within 3 or 4 days, they start to spoil.

However, putting them in paper solves that. They will stay fresh for nearly a week, at which point they will begin to dry out (provided you didn’t put them in the vegetable bin, which would keep them too moist). However, if they dried out quickly enough, they will still be edible. Have you ever had a recipe call for dry mushrooms? They also seem to have a more concentrated flavor. My husband likes them that way. I still prefer them fresh and succulent, but will eat them either way.

So if you bring your mushrooms home in plastic, put them into a paper bag—lunch bag size is ideal—and keep them on a shelf in the fridge. That way you will almost never have to deal with slimy, spoiled mushrooms!

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    Great suggestion! Thanks. My hubby thinks those are non-edibles:) Means that when used, it is in something he is not going to eat…

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