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Weigh in this morning: 134.

Yay! I’m down another pound since last week. It seems that cutting down my fat intake and watching to make sure I stop when I’m full have helped the extra pounds to come off. This is very encouraging.

That book I mentioned a few weeks ago, Eat More, Weigh Less, really seems to work. Only I’m not cutting my fat down to 10% of calories. I believe nuts and olives and avocadoes are good food—in reasonable quantities. But I’ve found out that I can cut down on fat in hidden places without sacrificing taste. For instance, I cut the oil in half in my cornbread recipe, and my husband didn’t notice (or at least, he never said anything). I estimate that each cornbread muffin had about 8 grams of fat, most of that being oil (corn does have a little more fat than other grains, but not a lot). Considering that I usually eat 2 muffins (instead of 3 like I used to), by cutting the oil in half, I’ve practically cut the fat in half. So now it’s more like 4 grams per muffin. I figure that I need to get about 45 grams of fat every day (as opposed to the 65 or so grams that is usually recommended for the 2,000 calorie diet). 10% fat would be about 22 grams of fat, so I’m doing about 20%. That’s less than the 40% most Americans eat, and still less than the 30% recommended that leaves most people still hungry on your average diet (like Weight Watcher’s or Jenny Craig), which is probably why I’m still losing weight. I am not actually counting, but when I do, I’m usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% fat now, and it seems to be making a difference.

So here’s hoping I can be down 2 pounds by next Sunday. But if not, I’ll settle for 1. :)

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