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First, I must apologize for not posting anything between this post and the last weight loss update. But I had a good excuse… not enough time online. I’ll try to make up for it today. I have half an hour until the library closes…

Anyhow, I weighed in at 133 this morning. One pound less than last week. Seems I’ve been losing a pound a week for the last few weeks. At this rate I will be 130 even by the end of the challenge (officially the 28th, but you probably won’t hear about it until the 29th). Now, whether I’ll be able to fit into my wedding dress still remains to be seen. But at least I am my pre-pregnancy weight.

I’ve also been trying to get more exercise. I walked about 3 miles yesterday (1.6 one way, down a side road and back). I’m hoping to get in at least a couple today. I need to go buy eggs, and my husband saw some down another road for about $.50 less than the antique store in town that sells almost organic eggs (organic, but not certified). If not, I might do it tomorrow. Manny has an appoinment so my husband isn’t going to work Monday.

So here’s hoping I can lose 2 pounds next week! But that remains to be seen.

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