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Well, it’s over. My goal was to get down as close to 125 as I could and to be able to fit into my wedding dress on our anniversary, August 28. So how did I do?

Saturday morning I weighed in at 132. So that was a little higher than I would have liked, but it’s better than I would have been if I had kept up with how things were going back 3 months ago (lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a couple more). Sunday morning I was down to 131, so maybe it’s just because I ate supper Friday evening. I miss eating toast—don’t get it very often—so I just ate some.

But I’m sure you don’t care as much about the numbers as about the wedding dress. Did it fit? The answer is YES! It was a bit more snug than it was on my wedding day, but then, I weigh 7 pounds more than I did on my wedding day. In fact, the week before my wedding I was trying to gain weight, because it was a tad bit loose. I think I was around 130 when I designed it, and then lost about 10 pounds during the summer while I sewed it up. In the end, I did gain enough back that I didn’t need to alter the dress—which is a good thing, because it would have taken hours and hours and I didn’t have that kind of time right before the wedding! But I digress.

So after lunch I went upstairs, dug the dress out of the box where it was rolled up in a sheet (wrinkled, I know, but I didn’t have anything to cover it with, and I didn’t want my husband to get suspicious when it showed up in the closet!), and put it on. Then I went down the stairs and surprised my husband. My kids thought it was the greatest thing! I played peek-a-boo with Manny with my veil, and he loved it. Gislaine liked it too. I showed her that it was the same dress in the picture of our wedding day that sits on the piano.

All things considered, I am declaring this challenge a success! I still want to lose a few pounds (about 7, I think), and I still need to get into a regular exercise program, but at least I am well on my way. And all I did was to cut down the amount of fat that I eat and to skip out on most suppers. Those two things have made a huge difference, and I consider them part of my lifestyle now.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures, but once I get my dress ironed, I’ll see if I can get my husband to take a picture and I’ll post it up here, maybe next week.

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    ahhh! success! good for you!

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    yay! looking forward to the picture!

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