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The other day we got a Highlights High Five magazine in the mail. Inside there were instructions for making a “curly crown.” I decided to let Gislaine do as much of the work as she was capable of doing. That meant all I did was fold the paper and show here where to cut, draw stars for her to color (since we’re out of stickers at the moment), and later do the final fitting. She did everything else. Here’s the result:

Gislaine made it all by herself

I know I haven’t been posting much here lately. Last month was supposed to be tofu month, but all I did was refer you to the post I did on making tofu–never posted any recipes. Sorry! I’m taking a little break from blogging for the most part and trying to get my eBay business figured out. Yes, a friend of mine got me started selling stuff on eBay. I need to get things organized and budget my time so that it doesn’t consume me.

So January will be tofu month. I promise! And in the mean time, I have a guest post in the works that will be coming out on Thursday, so watch for that. And I’ll try to make a post now and then between now and January. :) Encouragement will make it more likely, so please let me know if you miss my posting here. Thanks!

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    Storie Giddings 

    Yes! I definitely miss your posts! Please keep us updated on the new house and life with the internet and how the kids are growing. Thank you!!!!

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