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If I had thought of it, I would have put Potty Training My Son as one of my goals to be reached by the end of this year, if possible. I mean, he turns two this month, so that is not an unrealistic goal.

With my daughter, I would try putting her on the potty off and on every few months, and suddenly she started telling me when she was wet, then when she was almost wet, then with time to take her potty… I put panties on her at 19 months.

My son is a whole different story! Partly because of his eczema, I gave up on the infant potty training I was doing with him from early on (about 2 weeks old), and because we had carpet I didn’t want to experiment with it too much. Also we were in limbo–not sure when or where we would move. Now we are stable, buying a house, have hard floors in every room except the office, and I got crazy brave and decided to try it this week.

I figured it was worth a try. I’m not going to push it if he doesn’t show progress by the end of the week. But he seems to be aware of his bodily functions. He has come up to me a few times, patting his bottom and saying “poo poo.” If he sees pee, he will mention it. I have been talking about “pee pee diapers” when I change him, and “poo poo diapers” too.

Yesterday, I let him run around sans diaper for a couple of hours. During that time, I netted about 3 piles of poo and a few more wet spots. Because of course he would never do it while sitting ON the potty–always had to wait for about 30-60 seconds after getting up! Fortunately my to-do load was light, so I just talked about it to him and cleaned up. (Thank goodness for a steam mop to help clean up!!)

Today, I decided to put him on the potty this morning after he had finished breakfast while I swept around the kitchen and living room. I gave him a book and let him entertain himself while I cleaned. As I was cleaning up the piles I had swept up, I heard him saying, “Pee pee, pee pee.” I figured he must have gone and went to investigate.

We picked this potty specifically because of the extra-high pee guard. But there are limits to even the tallest of those. Such as when a boy decides to see what that thing is that spends so much time hiding under his diaper–and decides to pee at the same time!

There was pee on the book–the open book. There was pee on the floor. There was pee down his pajama legs. There was pee on the front of the potty. And, wonder of wonders, there was actually pee inside the potty, too! Roughly 1/4 inch, I think. So I grabbed a shammy (the best things for soaking up puddles–I need to get more of them!) and wiped down all wet spots, then rewiped with wet cloth. Then I took my now naked boy (since his one-piece PJ’s were now wet) to the bathroom with the container of pee to ceremoniously flush it down the toilet. He got to pour it in and flush, and he loved it. I didn’t scold him for the mess, just reminded him with a smile that “pee pee goes in the potty” and whisked him off for the bath that he would have taken anyway even if he hadn’t made a big mess.

Day 2 of attempted potty training has begun. So wish me luck!

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    LOL! Fun stage. Hope it works for you.

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    hope it continues going well! Nathan is now at 2 1/2 and he has decided he’s potty trained. He still has troubles with #2, figuring out where it goes and how to get it there…. but other than that, he’s been day-diaper free for three weeks now and I didn’t even initiate it! I did before at 2 yrs. with disasterous results. Decided to wait til he was 3, and then… voila! Boys are certainly different in this than girls! haha

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