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In my wanderings around the Internet over the past couple of weeks, I have found a few links that I would like to share with my readers. If you find something interesting, be sure to tell me about it (so I can get an idea of what my readers enjoy).

The Home Ec 101 blog has a really great post to help get your New Year going right in several different ways.

Over at Trivium Pursuit they put a really great list of ways to provoke your child. I highly recommend this post to every parent! They also had an interview with Martin Luther that I found very interesting.

Here is a good list of ideas from one blogger’s New Years Resolutions on Raising Children. Seriously, if you aren’t following the Modest Mom’s Blog, you should be. I seem to find something I really like there every few days!

Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, better health is on almost everybody’s mind. Danny at Modern Manny posted a very good article with some simple tips for having a healthier new year.

And speaking of good health, I read a very interesting story from a lady who went vegan for her health. She experienced a miracle–or it seemed like one to her–in just 3 days! You really should read her story. It’s amazing how simple things like diet changes can have such a profound effect on us in such a short time!

And before I leave the topic of health, here’s a recipe for a delicious-looking vegan carrot cake. Fat free too! I really need to try this soon!

I also found a wonderful blog with lots of delicious allergy-free recipes on it. I’m trying these Sweet Potato Pancakes this morning.

Those of you following me on Twitter may have seen some of these before. If you aren’t, you should be! Most of my Twitter followers are guys, for some reason. I would like to have more Moms following me! (Of course, if you are avoiding Twitter, don’t think you have to join just to follow me! But if you are already there, look up “lifeofahappymom”.)

So what have you been looking at this week? Please share with me! at

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for including my post in your round up. It is appreciated. :)

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