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This Post Has Moved!

I have started a new website dedicated to this topic: My Baby Has Eczema

You can read the post here: Help, My Baby Has Eczema: The Beginning

Be sure to check out the comments for this post here and there as well.

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    Poor little guy! He really did have a good ( bad) case of it….and through it all, he still looks like his daddy 😉

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    I felt so sad for him last summer. Did I take that picture by chance? But….oh, I do so empathize with you because of Carter. I don’t think Carter ever had it as bad for as long as Manny. He did have a couple bouts with hives that covered him and it was horrid. He does seem to better than when he was little, but now he gets red cheeks like he was slapped and something that is kind of acne like especially on his cheeks, upper arms and upper thighs.

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    Yes, Jaime, I stole that picture from your FB pics. I didn’t think you would mind. I didn’t have any food photos showing Manny looking so bad (maybe there are some on the camera that died, but I can’t access those).

    I’m sorry to hear about Carter. I hope you figure out what is causing those symptoms. It sure is no fun watching your child feel miserable and not know what is causing it!

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    I saw an ad on facebook for your blog. When I saw the picture of Carter’s swollen face, I was immediately taken back to when my own son’s infancy (He’s now 4). Stay strong, and I hope that you have access to a good pediatric allergist. Ours was a life saver. T was allergic to 15 different foods in his infancy, and had to be on hypo-allergenic formula (he now gets a big kid version of the same thing). is a great resource with other parents going through the same battles. It helped me feel less alone.

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    If there is one thing I wish I had had when I was in the early stages of dealing with Manny’s eczema (and that picture is of Manny; Carter is my cousin), it was emotional support. That was virtually non-existent, except from my husband, who was gone most of the day (work plus 2 hour round trip commute). I did a lot of research on eczema, but I didn’t find a real community of people to help support me. That’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m planning on starting a new blog to continue this story on. Stay posted for updates on that and the rest of the story. Oh, and thanks for the link. I am going to look at it as soon as I get a chance!

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    Sorry for the name mix up! I’ve gone through many battles with T’s eczema, asthma and allergies over the years. The first pediatrician we went to said it was just baby acne as well, and I went and got a second opinion. The second opinion was right on, referred us to a pediatric allergist, and has been our regular pediatrician since.

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    My son suffered from severe eczema too. We’ve tried NAET, we didn’t like it… He’s been on and off oral steroids, antihistamines, steroids creams and antibiotics for the past 7 mos and he’s only 19 mos. I went to pedia dermatologist, allergist… etc…. same prescriptions over and over again but nothing would really relieve him from his itching and scaling. I met this mom in one of our NAET session and she referred me to a Chinese Herbal doctor, and to our surprise…. the herbal medicines works better than steroids! My son now takes an oral detoxification- all made up of herbs, and we’re putting cream- also made up of herbs! No steroids, no antibiotics… in 2 days, his eczema cleared up! Im also a health care professional, and I was so frustrated and exhausted with my sons severe eczema. I decided to take the unconventional treatment… I hate giving my son strong steroids and antibiotics, I was also concerned about his hearing and renal functions… Those medicines could be dangerous if it’s used over and over again…. especially for babies and toddlers…

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    I hear a lot of stories like that. It’s true, the steroids don’t take all the itch away. We’ve been using a topical one, and lately we have been able to cut way back (I’ll be blogging about this, so I don’t want to give it away just yet!). We never did oral steroids, thankfully! Antihistamines never did anything for him–one made him vomit, so I wonder if maybe he was allergic to it.

    I’ve often wanted to look into Chinese herbs, but some people that dispense them are quacks and some are the real thing. Without a recommendation of someone local, I wouldn’t know the difference. Right now we are working with a naturopath who was, interestingly enough, recommended by his pediatrician, and I think we are making some progress in getting to the root of things. I’m certainly not writing my because we’ve come to a conclusion, but I just decided it was time to write and connect with others who have gone through similar situations. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again!

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    we dealt with the the same thing. my lil guy had eczema as soon as he came home from the hospital. it got worse much worse 90% of his body, skin infections( Staph and MSRA). we had him tested he is allergic to 18 or so foods. they can do a blood test for most and has bone thru several rounds of skin testing. it got so bad last year that he was wearing footie PJ nonstop and socks on his hands to help him not scratch. he was constantly scratching and infected.

    now i live in alaska and out Ped dr and Ped allergist had us sent to the Mayo clinic in MN for in-patient care. IT CHANGED OUR LIVES. they cleared him up batter than he had looked at one month. he gained weight and started to sleep thru the night.

    what they did was wrap him in warm wet bandages soaked with a mild water and vinegar solution. they changed the wraps very three hours. and applied what is called vanicream. we order it online and some pharmacies carry it. at home to do this we put this lotion on wet cotton PJ’s and warm sweat pant type stuff on top. he has been so clear since we got home in june. if he got bad we would change them more offen… it is only two tablespoon vinager to a liter of water.

    i would have him tested for food allergies. he was breastfeeding when we found out, i stopped eating those foods that helped. he is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, sunflower seeds (oil), sesame seeds oil, chicken, beef, peas, potatoes, beans, chocolate pollen lanolin and dust

    our allergist said when his tests came back positive for this and that he was happy. because avoiding things will help avoid his eczema. he likes to have a reason he said nothing breaks his heart more than when meets a lil guy with skin like hughie’s and there is nothing he can find that is causing it. good luck.

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    Wow! Sounds like you had it worse than we did! My son has true allergies to many of the things you listed (and some you didn’t), but he also seems to have sensitivities to other things. We have done a blood test and have cut out all the reactive things from his diet, but he still breaks out. Though with hydrocortisone we can control it pretty well. I used to think that cutting out all the things that he was allergic to would cure the eczema. I don’t think like that anymore. It’s bigger than that. I’ll be sharing more over the next few weeks.

    I am curious, Shannon, how has it been since you took him off of all the foods he tested positive for? Have you been able to cut back on your other treatments? Also, what kind of allergy testing did they do for your son? Please do share with us!

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    He does quite well when avoiding all his food triggers. he will always have a bit of eczema as it runs in the family and it is very dry here.

    His last food tests were in May and it was a food patch test. that is when we found out about the chicken, beef, potato, and pea allergy. He lived off of chicken nuggets. we ate a lot of beef, bison, and moose. we do not give him any of the foods he is allergic to and things in the same class, no poultry or wild game birds, ect. we give his moose, bear and caribou on rare occasion and seems to do ok. when we reintroduced moose back he seemed to do fine but we over did it and he got rashy again.

    From January to May he was real bad. it is then they asked us to go to the mayo clinic. at first they thought he would be inpatient up to a week. but we left for MN about two weeks after we found those last few allergies and he had already improved. we were inpatient about two days. he was a different lil boy.

    he was always on benadryl to control his itching. it did not help the rash. those last few months he was taking it every day. after treatment we hardly give him benadryl anymore. he has stayed clear and we do the wraps as a maintenance. he also have two strength of steroid cream and a tropical antibiotic. another thing they had us do was bath him in a bath with one cap full of bleach. it helped with the mild skin infections. we don’t need to do that much anymore either

    As for testing he has had blood work for the IgE levels. he has the skin prick tests and a food patch test. the Dr in Mayo clinic only retested the food patch results using the blood test. sure enough they came back positive. I wanted to throw those results in the cocky dermatologist resident who said no one is allergic to chicken and beef.

    right now i need to help put that lil itchy to bed. He has become quite the night owl at least it is, he won’t go to sleep rather than he can’t get to sleep because of the itchy. thanks for “listening”!

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    It is so nice to see and hear from other parents, the struggle I have been having for 3 years and 4months. My second born daughter, at 3 months, began seeping and bleeding. She had little patches of eczema here and there, but nothing that worried the doctors, till they saw her at 3 months. Her pediatrician gave us every ointment and cream, but never seemed concerned with finding its cause. During my own research in seeking another DR (after recommendation of oral steroids), I found the allergy correlation. I requested it from her Pediatrician, and was told she was too young (now, age 6 mos). We changed pediatricians, and allergists, and she was tested that day. They found her to be allergic to wheat, soy, egg, nuts (tree and peanut), milk, dog, pollen, cock roach and dust. She was only on formula at the time so was immediately switched to hypo allergenic formula. Since that time, she has outgrown wheat and soy and continues to battle break outs at the age of 3 years. Hydrocortisone and Eucerin have run their course on effectiveness. Her allergist has just recommended we switch our soak and slather regimens to Vanicream. I do hope that helps and was glad to see the suggestion above from the Mayo Clinic. I will eb sure to save this blog page and visit often for support and guidance.

  13. Admiring the hard work you put into your website and detailed information you provide.

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