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I have recently started blogging more. But this doesn’t mean I have time to sit down and write up something every time I think of it. However, if I don’t, I might forget it, and not think of it again for a long time. So I do the logical thing: I write it down.

Now, carrying a pen and paper around isn’t very practical for me. For some it is. Or maybe some would keep a pen and notepad in every room of the house. But I have an iPod, so I have a note called “Things to blog about” where I record all my ideas, deleting them as I use them. That way at any given time, I might have half a dozen ideas available to blog about when I have time.

So when I sit down to blog, if nothing comes to mind, I can pull up my list of ideas and pick something to write about.

I have also found this useful for making outlines. Sometimes when an idea strikes, it is more involved than just putting down, “Writing ideas down so I have a list of things to blog about when I can’t think of anything.” That note in my iPod, along with “(WFMW)” to remind me that it would be a Works for Me Wednesday post, is all I need to remember exactly what I wanted to write about.

But what if I wanted to write a “Top 10 Reasons Why …” post? What are the odds I could remember all 10 reasons when I sit down to write? Pretty nil! So as I think of things, I will add them to the list as well. It only takes a few seconds, but when I do sit down to write, I can focus on writing and not waste time trying to remember what I thought of yesterday or last week.

Works for me!

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    I started doing that on my phone…not as much space as an ipod, but it works for my ‘simple lists’

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    Thanks for stopping at my blog. You are hi tech with your ipod chore list!
    I do something similar to your tip today. When I have a blog idea, I write just a few words about it on a new post and save it. Then when I need to write a post I can look at the ones I’ve saved.
    I loved the post below this one. What sweet kids you have and I loved yoru daughters explanation of her prayer.

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    Thank you for stopping by! I think if I sat down at the computer to write down an idea, I would just write the whole thing. I used a pad of paper before I got my iPod. :)

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