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If you read part one and want to read part two, you will need to click through to the My Baby Has Eczema blog to read it. Every time there is an update to this story, I will post the link here, so you can follow it from wherever you read my blog posts. :)

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    I am a first time mom to a sweet baby boy and this story is bringing tears to my eyes. It is 3 am and I am holding down my baby’s arms because he is sleep itching. We have been battling eczema on his face for months now and I am exhausted. I I have been to countless naturopaths,allergists and pediatric dermatologists. Noone can help but I am holding onto a small shred of hope that something will give. I unfortunately had to use steroid cream to help him sleep but of course I am trying to find a root cause. I hope you are close to finding some answers for your little guy. Thanks for sharing.

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