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During my mom’s last visit here, we decided to take a few hours and go shopping on Monday while my husband worked (instead of Sunday like I normally do). We had several stops to make, and were looking forward to getting a lot of things done.

The trouble began at our first stop. Mom had to go to the bathroom, and just as she came back and found us, she remembered that she had not picked up her purse on the way out. She rushed back, but it was gone.

Thankfully, she uses a wallet–the size that holds her checkbook–so she didn’t lose everything most women would lose when they lose their purse. Her keys and cellphone were in her pocket. The only important things were her checkbook, debit card, and license. She wasn’t carrying a credit card in her purse.

The next blessing was that she had a GPS in the car, and it informed her that her bank was only one mile down the road. So we went there to get things straighened out on that end and get some cash. By this time it was lunch time, so we ate and then went to the mall to buy her another purse. The library was behind the mall, so we went there next to find out how to get her a new Idaho drive’s license.

I figured it would take only a few minutes to find the information we needed. With my iPod, I wouldn’t need to wait for Internet access.

Or so I thought.

For some reason, the wireless wasn’t working–and the guy who was in charge of it was out to lunch. When I tried to get a computer, I found out there was an hour and a half wait time. Nobody told me how the express computers worked. I didn’t know the wait time for them was much shorter, if there was any weight time. While I was trying to figure out what I could do, another patron misunderstood me, and started to give me a lecture about waiting my turn “like everyone else”. I tried to explain my situation–that I shouldn’t have to wait since I had my own wifi access device–but she wasn’t listening.

I was tempted to get frustrated at her, but then I realized, she just doesn’t understand. I wasn’t trying to cut in front of other customers, just trying to find some WiFi. Her misunderstanding was getting her all worked up. It didn’t have to get me all worked up too. So I quickly gave up trying to explain things to her, and went to ask the librarian where I should wait for the tech guy to get back from lunch. She pointed to his desk and was about to walk me over there, when the irritated lady got her attention and began to try to explain why I should have to wait like everyone else.

Letting her have her say, I went over to a different librarian, told her the WiFI wasn’t working, and asked if there were any other hot spots nearby. She said I could try Barnes & Noble. I thanked her and headed over there. After all, it was just on the other side of the mall from where we were (practically in the mall’s back parking lot). So we drove around and I went inside and got signal instantly. There I found out that getting a new Idaho license when out of state was as simple as faxing in a form with a temporary address to send the new license to. So off we went to the library to print out the form. Which, of course, would require a computer connected to a printer.

This time, though, I wasn’t in a hurry. If there was an hour and a half wait, I would just sign up and then go off and do my thing until it was time for me, then go and get it done. But then when I explained what I wanted to do, I was informed that I could use one of the express computers, and in fact one was available right then! So I was able to get on right away; 5 minutes and 10 cents later, I had the form printed, ready for my mom to fill out and fax. We found a store to fax it at nearby, and she got her license a couple of days later by FedEx.

Looking back on it, I realized that it was better to be misunderstood than to get into an argument. Arguing with that lady would have just wasted my time and brought my stress levels up. By choosing to be calm and let it go, I was able to keep my focus on finding a solution.

Jesus was one of the most misunderstood people on earth, yet He didn’t let it affect His life. Sure, it hurt. But He rose above the hurt of misunderstanding and focused on His goals. He is our Example, and I am thankful that I had a chance to imitate Him in this small way.

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    What a testimony. This is one area I need to work on….still. Hope your mom does not have reprocutions from the information that was in her purse.

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    So far it doesn’t seem that she does. I mean, it was just her DL, debit card, and checks. No credit cards!

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