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This guest post is from Kumon.

These days, a lot is being said about the importance of children living a healthy lifestyle. Parents want their children to grow up healthy and strong. Here are three no-nonsense tips mothers everywhere can use to help direct their children toward more healthy choices, now and in the future.

Lead by Example

Whenever you can show your children the importance you place on taking care of yourself and your body, seize the opportunity to do so. The more they see you striving to live a more balanced and healthy life, the more likely they will be to follow suit.

Know What Your Child Is Eating

Have you ever read the ingredients of some of the foods your children are eating? Not only are some of the ingredients difficult to pronounce, but it is also not always obvious what they are or why they are in the food. Now you can obtain a greater understanding with The Dictionary of Food Ingredients. This book is full of information about ingredients such as algin, a substance used in ice cream, puddings, icings and “fabricated fruit.” That’s right, fake fruit. Use a resource such as this book to help you make healthy choices.

Be Honest

Children seek out honesty, even if it changes their perspective on the world they live in. If your children look at you with those inquisitive eyes and ask why they can no longer have a certain snack, be honest. Tell them it’s because they contain unhealthy ingredients. Share with them the science behind food processing in words they can understand. And reassure them that you will always be there to make sure the foods they eat will be good for them.

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