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My daughter came in and dragged me out to the garage to show me something a few minutes ago. When I came out, she showed me that she and her neighbor friend (age 7) had cleaned the garage. And indeed they had. They had picked up the scattered empty boxes and neatly stacked them against the wall. They had swept up the piles of some white powder (fertilizer, maybe) that had been scattered there by who knows who a few days ago, and had generally tried to make it look nice. Not that it was a terrible mess before, but it did look neglected, and now it didn’t.

I told them they had done a great job and gave them a hug. Then I decided it was time to post something on this blog, so I came here and so did. Not that I’m planning on getting back into regular blogging, but I think I can spare a few moments now and again to record a few special moments in my life before I forget them. After all, I think that’s why I started this blog in the first place.

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    I agree. Record those special moments!

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