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So I am just ending the first trimester of pregnancy, and with it goes the misery of morning sickness. And this time around, I have found some unconventional things that helped it.

You’ve probably heard of the typical soda crackers and eating frequent, small meals, especially immediately upon rising or before even getting out of bed. Well, soda crackers never helped with my first two pregnancies, and since I’m allergic to wheat, I didn’t feel like getting any. I tried rye crackers, but found them too bland.

Then the secretary at the chiropractor’s office mentioned that she had a friend who found that protein helped her more than anything else. After some trial and error, I discovered that if I nibbled on almonds while I sipped my morning glass of water right after getting up, I’d be able to get breakfast and eat it without any problems–or at least, get away with keeping my breakfast in my stomach, even if I was plagued by a little nausea after eating. Sometimes a cheese sandwich would help, or a little tofu.

There were times when I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to eat, and lunch or supper was almost ready. Juice wouldn’t really help, but I discovered to my great surprise that Melaleuca’s Sustain Sport electrolyte drink would actually help calm my stomach for 15-30 minutes. One might expect this would be from the sugar, temporarily bringing the blood sugar up (because when blood sugar drops, then the nausea tends to get worse), but it is sweetened with sucralose, not sugar, so I think it really was the electrolytes. I am not sure how Gator-aid would compare, since Sustain Sport has twice the electrolytes and is naturally flavored. Not to mention, it tastes good–not salty.

Every pregnancy has been different so far. The first time, that first trimester is rather fuzzy–I don’t remember much of it. I do remember not knowing when or if I might lose a meal and have to eat again. I also remember that eating fruit would help–I’d eat a little container of applesauce or fruit–those individually wrapped ones–before getting out of bed. Second time, anything sweet nauseated me. Apples would make me throw up about an hour after eating them. Bananas were instantaneous–I didn’t even have to swallow them! Cake lost its appeal (and I have a huge sweet tooth). This time, the worst trigger has been water. If I drink more than 2 or 3 swallows at a time, I’d better be in the bathroom! So I’ve gotten rather dehydrated. Thankfully, that is going away with the disappearing morning sickness, so I plan on drinking as much as I can soon!

So I don’t have a ton of ideas, but add them to the ideas of others, and something is bound to help. And don’t be afraid to throw up–you’ll most likely feel better afterwards.

What have you found helps you during morning sickness? Please share!

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