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Well, the title really says it all. But I thought I would just make a brief post to remind any mothers reading this that the car seat really does need to be cleaned once in a while. Especially if you’re like me and just don’t think about it.

We just got a new van, and I thought it would be good to clean the car seats out–even though they’ve been in it already for a few days. So just a few minutes ago I got them out and took them apart, taking off covers, straps, buckles, and all, and throwing them in the washer. Then I dumped the crumbs into the trash and wiped the hard surfaces with a damp rag.

So I thought my son’s seat would be the worst, because I think he threw up in it once (not a lot, but still…). However, most of that had been wiped off the surface. My daughter’s was really the worst, with tons of crumbs in the removable base.

Now I just need to remember how to put them back together again. My son’s seat is a backward/forward facing car seat that goes up to 40 lb. My daughter’s seat is a backward/forward facing car seat/booster seat that goes up to 80 lb and has a whole lot more gadgets than my son’s seat. But I did manage to get everything taken apart that can be taken apart. Too bad my manuals are in storage somewhere in Estacada… when I find them, I’m going to put them into the slots in the seats that say “put manual here”. But I think I can remember how to get them back together. It’s not the first time I’ve done it.

So, in summary, if you haven’t cleaned your car seats for at least six months, then pick a day when you are not going anywhere and take them apart and clean them up. And pay attention to how they came apart so that you can put them back together again. And don’t be afraid to wash the buckles and straps in the washer too.

Now if only I could take the seat belts out of our “new” van and wash them too….

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