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If you use Facebook (and maybe even if you don’t), you have probably seen this picture floating on your news feed:

I have very strong opinions on Daylight Nuisance Savings Time. And I thought I’d share them.

First of all, it doesn’t save time at all. There are still 24 hours in a day. And on days like today, it actually steals an hour! Granted, it gives it back in the fall, but by that time, I’ve forgotten how annoying it was to have it taken in the first place. It’s like someone stealing the $20 bucks I planned to buy lunch with, only to bring it back a month later. By that time, I have long gotten over the loss, you know!

Where did DST originate? Well, since I don’t have time to research that (and since I’m sure you’ve already read something on that topic within the last few years), let’s just say that what I remember being told is that farmers needed more daylight at the end of the day to get their work done. But that makes no sense. I mean, farm equipment has lights, just like cars do. Why not just start an hour earlier in the morning? Or are those poor farmers supposed to skip an hour of sleep every night in the summer?

Not all states and countries have DST. Arizona doesn’t. I have a friend who dreams of moving there. Her health is very unstable and requires adherence to a very strict schedule. The time change messes with that. Although she changes the times on her schedule to adjust as though there were no DST, it makes activities like going to church difficult. Mexico has DST, but it starts later and ends earlier–as we discovered once when trying to attend a function at a church across the border. It seems that it used to start later and end earlier in the US, too, but someone keeps pushing the dates back to make it longer.

Growing up, we called DST “Man’s time” and the regular time “God’s time.” I still think of it that way.

I figure, what’s the point of changing it at all? Just pick a time and stick to it. The changing back and forth every year is annoying.

Thankfully for me, we worship on Saturday, so we don’t have to be anywhere Sunday morning. That makes it easier to adjust–we don’t need to lose the hour of sleep. Unless, of course, we stay up an hour later the night before!

So those are my thoughts. What do you think about Daylight Savings Time? Do you like it? Dislike it? Why? Please share!

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    Nicole P 

    I think it’s pretty ridiculous. I thought it was started by Ben Franklin and it was about saving daylight and having more workable hours in the day. But I agree, with all the lights that we have, why are we doing it? Usually the kids stay on their regular schedule for another few weeks until we slowly get them adjusted. Everything is dependent upon the sun at the house as far as waking, eating, things like that. I guess that’s the benefits of being a stay at home mom.

    So, we were already waking up earlier anyway. When the sun’s up, the kids are up. When the kids are up… I’m up… lol

  2. Good comments, Lisa! Yes, my mother and I (and my father too) pray about moving to Arizona, and we have been using an Arizona calendar on our wall for about 4 years now. (Cheers for their courageous stand in politics too!!!!)Look up the article in Wikipedia on Daylight Saving Time – VERY revealing!!! And, there is Plus, there is a group on Facebook called Mothers Against Daylight Saving Time (I am a part of it). You should see the comments that show up on that wall – WOW! Really proves how harmful DST is. And, to top it off, there are medical stuides coming out more and more about how the time change causes extra depression as well as heart attacks. On it goes. We call it Daylight Lying Time (because it is NOT High Noon at 12 on Daylight Time – noon is supposed to be when the sun is highest in the sky…not when folks mess with it on DST it isn’t!). And, we also call it Government Invasion Time, because governments have no right to mess with time which belongs to God and individuals, contrary to solar time zones. I have an article about all this on my Facebook page as one of my Notes – it is public – come see it. :)

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