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Wow, this has been quite a day! It started out with an 11:00 am orthodonist appointment, which I wanted to leave for by 9:45 (it’s about an hour away). Breakfast is normally at 8:00 in our house, but with the time change, we’re still adjusting, so it was more like 8:30, plus I had to pack two lunches (for my husband, since he was going to be in school today, and for my son, who can’t get enough to eat in any restaurant, thanks to allergies). I didn’t actually wash the dishes like I normally do–just rinsed and put them in the washer. We left about 9:50, got to my appointment 20 minutes early (traffic was lovely), to find that the first four patients had showed up late, so they were running behind! Fortunately, they have a lot of fun toys in the office, so the kids were pretty happy the whole time. Gislaine, though, decided she didn’t want to be early next time!

After that, since I wasn’t hungry yet, and the restaurant we planned to eat at was fairly close, I decided to stop at my favorite thrift store, which was pretty much on the way to the restaurant anyway. I found a lovely Eddie Bauer black turtleneck for $2! Yes, this store is much cheaper than Goodwill. I already have a black turtleneck, but it is rather faded, and this one looks practically new. So I’m going to cut my old one up to make a dickie for wearing under low-necked blouses. I found a lovely, lightweight maternity blouse/sweater, but the neck is way too low. It’s warm enough to not need another shirt under it, so I wanted something to wear under it. Now I can cut down my old black turtleneck and wear the sweater! It will be so nice to have something different to wear to church!

Then we went to Sweet Tomatoes. That is our family’s favorite place to eat out. Granted, I like some other places better, but as a family, that is our favorite place. I love how I can make the biggest salad I  want, and they always have a good variety of vegetarian options, including soups. Almost anyone can eat there–except my son, who can’t have lettuce or tomatoes or potatoes or just about anything. He ate olives and jello from there–after eating the food I had brought for him. It’s also nice that they have the salad bar right at the entrance; you get what you want there, pay, then when you are ready go to the soup/baked potato/baked goods/pasta section. So I can get my daughter to eat some veggies before she gets anything else.

We were over an hour early for my next appointment–which was only 4 miles away–so I decided to hop over to the mall and see if JC Penny’s had any maternity skirts, since I happened to have a couple of gift cards from there. They didn’t–not even in the catalog. I was very disappointed. But I did find a very cute black polka dot blouse with a high neck (almost all their shirts had low necks), cute embroidery down the chest and around the hem, and ties in the back. It was $20–much more than I would normally spend on a blouse, but of course, I wasn’t paying for it, and it probably could have cost a lot more than that. I’ll take a picture some time. Then we walked down the mall for a bit and got a Jamba Juice vegan green smoothie. It was, as Manny would put it, “Uh-wish-us”

Then we went for my first prenatal check-up. That was a very new experience. This is my third child, but I’ve always had midwives doing my prenatal care. I expected to be asked all kinds of questions about my diet and lifestyle, exercise, etc. Instead, I was simply asked about the birth history of my first two, some other routine questions, given a breast exam, pap smear, quickie ultrasound, and sent to the hospital for a blood draw to do all the lab tests that were due. No explanation was given for the labs that were being done, either–just a handout that I could read. I wasn’t told which were optional or anything. Not that I really care at this point, but it is just a different feeling. I can understand now how women going into the hospital in labor can get railroaded into having procedures done that they never wanted done–simply because they aren’t given a choice or a chance to ask questions. When I described it to my husband, he said, “They are just mechanical,” and I agree. It sure reinforced my desire to have a home birth with a midwife!

I was a little nervous mentioning my plans for a home birth, because I didn’t know what she would say. I wanted an OB that was comfortable just doing the prenatal care and letting a midwife oversee a home birth, but I had tried several OB’s, and none of them wanted to do the prenatal care if I was planning a home birth. I wanted to get the prenatal care covered by my insurance, which is why I contacted them in the first place. But when she asked about my birth history, asking if I had had an epidural with my first, I said, “No. She was born in a birth center, and my son was born at home.” She responded, “Then why are you coming here?” I explained that I wanted a home birth, but wanted to get my prenatal care covered by insurance. She was fine with it. In fact, she told me that she would rather that women got prenatal care, however they chose to deliver, than to not get it. So that made me happy. I don’t think I would have chosen her if I were planning a hospital birth, but for my prenatal care, I’m content.

From there, we went to the hospital to get my blood drawn for labs. It had been raining most of the day, sometimes more than others. At that point, almost 5:00 pm, it was getting down to a steady drizzle, the kind that makes you quite damp walking from a building to the car. And I forgot the folder with the order for the tests in the clinic–and didn’t remember it until I was just feet from the hospital entrance (that is, about to walk in). So we turned around without even reaching the shelter of the overhang at the entrance, hopped back in the van, and drove around the corner (fortunately it really was just around the corner), parked, went back up to the clinic, got the folder, went back to the van, and drove around the corner again, and walked in. Needless to say, we were rather damp by that time! But we dried out. :) I’m just glad the hospital was right next door (we would have walked there if it hadn’t been raining)!

By the time we finished, it was already after 6:00. What a long day! Manny had leftover lunch, so I gave him that. Didn’t have anything for Gislaine, so we stopped at McDonalds and picked up a parfait from the dollar menu. That’s the second time in a month I’ve bought from them, but I figure as healthy goes, a parfait isn’t really too bad, and I wasn’t about to get the kids out of the van again, and the drive through was very convenient!

When we got home, Manny was asleep. I left him in the van in the garage with the door to the garage cracked, and got Gislaine a bite to eat to fill her up and put her to bed. Then I warmed a little bit of hemp milk, got Manny out of the van, fed him his milk, put on PJ’s, and put him in bed. It was well after his bedtime by then, so he didn’t fuss about going to bed!

So that was my day today! I just felt like writing about it. I was going to do some prenatal yoga before hitting the sack, but I’m too sore from all the exercises I’ve done lately, and just been too disoriented since I got home, so I’m going to drink some fiber and go to bed. Tomorrow we are going to try to get the laminate floor into the house to acclimate for 3 days so we can get it installed before D-day, next week. We have to be out of here by Wednesday next week.

How did your day go?

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