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Pregnancy and a move have conspired to keep me from being able to do much sewing.

I prefer skirts over pants for the most part.

Combine those two facts with the fact that finding maternity skirts is almost impossible, and, well, I have a problem. Especially since I have a rather high standard of modesty.

So I found this really nice skirt at Deseret Industries for $5, but it had a back slit that went up to just above my knee. Which means that when I bend over, well, it goes up even higher. I wore it once or twice and didn’t feel the slit too much… but still, me not being able to see or feel it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It was much too nice of a skirt (stretchy jean) to only wear at home. Not to mention that it goes with almost every maternity top I own.

So I got creative and sewed an inset in the slit. Here is a video where I tell how I did it:

So there it is. It took me about 15 minutes. In case you can’t view the video, here is what I did in a nutshell:

  • Cut a rectangle a little longer than the slit out of stretchy fabric
  • Hem one of the narrow ends of the rectangle, stretching as you sew
  • Lay the rectangle over the slit, centering the top of the unhemmed edge over the top of the slit, and lining up the hemmed end with the bottom of the skirt; pin or baste in place
  • Sew inset in from the outside, stitching over existing stitches in matching thread (I used heavy jean thread), one side at a time
  • Trim thread; may trim excess of rectangle if desired (I didn’t bother)

It really is that easy. Here’s a picture of me in the skirt later on.

This technique could be used on most any fabric, and even done on the V neck of a blouse as a permanent inset. The trick is to follow the existing top stitching, and to match length and color as closely as possible. I think some skirts (especially those that have a large overlap in the slit, like some khaki skirts I’ve seen) could even have a kick pleat inserted; this is basically pleated fabric that fills in the slit.

Now this skirt is one of my favorites! I wear it 2-3 days per week, and would probably wear it more if it never got dirty!

So what do you do to make your clothing more modest? Please share!


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