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If you have an iPod or an iPhone, you’ve probably already learned that you can do more than listen to music and make phone calls with it. After I got my iPod, I quickly discovered dozens of mostly useful apps. I have three screens nearly full of them. Here are my top ten favorites, from least to greatest:

10. Sunset


I don’t use this app frequently, but as a Seventh-day Adventist, it is nice to know when the sun is going down. And it works offline–at least, once the location is saved. This was very handy when we didn’t have Internet.

9. TextFree
This app does exactly what it says: provide free texting for iPods. If you get the one with voice, you can even make calls with it, though, like Skype, you have to purchase minutes. Or earn them by clicking ads. I have used this to call my husband from the airport once or twice (helpful since I didn’t have a cell phone). But mostly I have used it to text a few friends, such as prayer requests to my prayer partner, or a question to my brother, etc. I don’t get the whole texting incessantly thing. I’m too old, I guess.

8. WordPress


I’m actually using this app to write this post! I downloaded it before we moved into our new home with no Internet. It allowed me to write and save offline posts to be uploaded later when I was at the Library. It also allows me to view the last few posts that have been made. This came in handy when I wanted to check a recipe I had posted but not written out. If you use WordPress and are good at typing with your thumbs, this is definitely a useful app. Great for improving spare moments in waiting rooms, for instance.

7. Kindle


I don’t see the point in spending $79 or whatever a Kindle costs now when I can use the app for free. I have purchased a few books, and also downloaded a number of free booms that I would not be able to get free any other way. I recently finished reading through the Great Controversy on my iPod, and now I’m working on Child Guidance. I love how I can take it anywhere and read a little as I have time.

6. Bible Verses (Scripture Memory)


This program is perfect for Bible memory! I just recently downloaded it, and have been going through marking the verses I already know (with hearts) and the ones I want to learn (with targets). When I finish this Top 200 list, I will start copying and pasting the verses I have on my huge stack of 3×5 index cards (it’s over 6″ tall) into it. You can review verses you already learned by showing memorized verses, or select only target verses to practice. One really nice feature of this program is that you can record yourself reading the verse (or multiple verses) and then listen to it. I think this will be really nice, since I memorize best by hearing. I could listen to recordings of Bible chapters, for instance, while I wash dishes or clean. This will really help me improve spare moments!

5. RSS Runner

As a blogger, I like to keep up with certain blogs, and an RSS reader is just what I need to do that. It is so much easier than trying to remember them all and going to check them all out–or subscribing by email and filling my inbox with umpteen messages. I can see the list of blogs, which have unread posts, how many, etc. And I can mark them as read without opening them if I so desire.


4. EGW Writings
When I first got my iPod, this program only had a couple dozen or fewer books. Now it has pretty much everything, and it’s free. Works offline. Has lots of functions, such as search, highlight, notes, etc. And you can have multiple books open at once, just like multiple tabs in a browser. It remembers where you were last time, too.

3. Pocket Sword
This is like eSword for your pocket. You can download many non-copyright translations; it has Strong’s functionality with the KJV; it has commentaries and devotionals and other features. I will admit that I have stopped taking my Bible to church, and just use this instead. Though with the slowness of the iPod, I could probably find most texts faster in a real Bible. But I with my purse, diaper bag, baby, and who knows what else, it’s nice not to have to try to keep track of my Bible, too!

2. ShopShop
This is a shopping list program. It is simple, offline, and as practical as can be. I use it almost every day. I have learned that if I don’t write things down that I need to get as I think of them or discover that we are running out, I might not remember them again until it is too late.


I used to write my grocery list on a notepad on the fridge, but that became awkward, especially since I often shopped at more than one grocery store. And what about non-grocery lists? When I downloaded this, I immediately made a bunch of lists. Each store now has it’s own list–even online stores like Azure Standard. I also keep a thrift store list, because it is so much easier to not buy needless items if I have a list, not to mention that I am more likely to remember to look for things we really do need, such as winter PJs for my son in the next size up.

As I find items, I tap them to cross them off–no need for a pen that way. Shaking the iPod will clear crossed off items. Oh, and when my daughter got a fever and we had to come home before I could get to the grocery store, I was able to email one of the lists to my husband so that he could do the shopping for me. It copied it into an email, which I was able to edit (such as putting amounts and approximate weight of bulk items so that he didn’t spend too much on more than we needed).


And my all-time favorite app is… (drum roll)

1. Errands
This is the ultimate to-do list/calendar app available. And it’s free. I first found it about a year and a half ago, and it was good then. But it is so much better now. There is nothing to compare it too. In fact, it is so special, that it deserves it’s own post. Watch for that post coming soon.

I will mention one more app: Cozi. has a calendar, menu planner, grocery lists, to-do lists, and journal. The app does not have menu capabilities, but it was a pretty nice all-in-one app–as long as I had wifi. Once I moved and went offline, it started logging me out at random times, losing all unsaved data I had entered since last syncing with the website. That’s why I started using Errands again, and what motivated me to find the shopping list app. Besides, for repeated tasks, Errands has so many more options to determine when a task is to be repeated. Cozi was rather limiting in it’s choices. And I like having my to-do list and calendar in the same app. But if you use Cozi, this app is great. If they would add menu and recipe retrieval functionality, I might actually start using it again.

So what are your favorite apps for your wireless device or smart phone?


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