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I know I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve used the excuse if not having a convenient computer to edit and upload pictures with, or that I didn’t always have a picture, or the time to hunt for one, and then our camera was stolen… But I decided that it was better to write a post sans photos than to not write. And some of my Facebook posts have been like short or medium blog posts…

But Facebook is only accessible to those who are my friends or who have liked my Life of a Happy Mom page. Not everyone has Facebook. And although the timeline will make it easier to go back and remember, it still isn’t the same as a blog. And a lot of what I have posted lately would have made such good content. So here goes the first post in a while.

Yes, Rafael Joshua Reynoso was born July 9 at 4:30 in the afternoon. He weighed 6 lb 15 oz–13 ounces less than my first two. He was also 9 days early. We weren’t expecting him to come so early!

I’ll write out his birth story (and probably his siblings’s stories too) later, but for now, I just have to brag about how convenient he was.

For starters, labor didn’t wake me up at an unreasonable hour of the day. I woke up at 5:30 or so in the morning after around 6 hours of sleep (less than ideal, but enough). And since he was born mid-afternoon, I was able to get to sleep at a decent time (unlike with my son, who was born less than half an hour before midnight). He came on my husband’s day off. And labor progressed slowly enough in the morning that I was able to eat a good breakfast, fix a bunch of pancakes for my son, make a batch of baby wipes, and even pick lettuce from the garden for lunch! All before the contractions got too strong to do other things during them. By the time I called the midwife to come, she had already finished all the home visits and such that she had scheduled for the day! And she was able to leave before dinner time. Really, the only inconvenient thing was that he didn’t come a week later, when my daughter would have been here!

Just a note for those who know our family: Little Rafael isn’t technically a junior, because my husband doesn’t have a middle name. Also, we end up calling him Rafaelito and Ralfy for short.

Rally is as petite as can he. I didn’t catch what his length is, but he is definitely smaller boned than his big brother, who is quite a chunk now! He has hair, which neither of his siblings had at birth, and it is showing signs of looking like my hair (that is, more straight than curly). He has my mom’s feet–super-narrow heel and skinny toes. He also has hyper-flexible ankles: he can touch his shin with his toes! The skin is still too tight to stretch his toes out pointed, but I expect it will stretch over time. He likes to pull his knees up to cuddle, and that makes him look very tiny indeed! He also has hair on his ears and shoulders, but the midwife said that was just because he was a little early (39 weeks gestation instead of 40), and it will fall out soon.

He is now 9 days old and filling out his tiny little frame! He wants to nurse a lot, but he also has good periods of wake time during the day.

His siblings love him! I let Gislaine carry him sometimes for short distances, usually from my bedroom to the kid-sized rocking chair in the living room, where she will sit and hold him for a while while I work on stuff. Or we will lay him on a foam pad on the table or a counter in the kitchen where he can hear and see us and we can work and talk to him. He will lay there and kick his feet and wave his arms around and generally be sociable for an hour or so about 3 times a day.

He also coos a little bit here and there. This is a bit unusual; babies usually don’t make any sounds except for crying until they are about a month old. But from like day 3 he has occasionally made a little happy sound like “oooh” or “aaaah”, and it is so cute!

I’m resting as well as can be expected. My husband has taken paternity leave, so he has taken over most of my responsibilities, though as I have the energy, I am doing some things. Like ironing, sorting the laundry, baking something, etc. I am feeling my energy coming back, and I’m enjoying not having to do so much so that I can really take time to bond with my baby.

Who is now deep asleep, and I’m hungry. Daddy said the food is ready, so I’m going to put him down in the swing a coworker gave us and go eat! Maybe I’ll even help with the dishes after lunch… Either that, or fold sheets that got washed yesterday. Or take a walk. I want to get back into walking now that I’m not pregnant and my hip is healing. And then a nap! I need a nap!

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    Congratulations on the new arrival!

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