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Raw food has intrigued me since I first heard of it about 11 years ago. But I never thought I would eat a raw meal other than when I had just fruit for supper. Never thought I would start to collect raw recipes. Well, now I am. And not only that, but I am amazed that my husband actually likes what I’ve prepared so far. He does. Raves over it, in fact.

For lunch today I made raw lasagna. It was a hit–with my husband and me, at least. I think it had too much garlic for Gislaine, but oh well. Next time I make it, I think I’ll add more veggies and see if I can get something to make better slices out of the zucchini, but otherwise it was delicious.

I also experimented with raw sprouted bread. I had sprouted wheat berries, and I was surprised to discover that they actually tasted slightly sweet (that would be the starches converted into sugars). I ground them coarsely, added a little salt and oil, and then dehydrated little cracker-like pieces until it was either crisp or semi-soft. Depended on the pieces. Anyhow, I think there is some potential, but they definitely need more seasoning. Maybe some Rosemary and chopped olives… I am definitely curious to see if I get the same allergic reaction to sprouted wheat that I get to regular cooked wheat (a mild, short-lived itch).

We are by no means going all raw any time soon, but I’m having fun experimenting with raw food dishes. The raw cherry tarts I made turned out delicious! I shared a couple with the neighbor, and when I told her they were rich and she would probably only want one at a time, she said she wouldn’t be sharing them in any case! I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of them.

Sunday I plan to make a raw corn chowder okay, so the corn itself might not be strictly raw (I think frozen corn is blanched first), but hey, the rest will be raw. Thankfully I now have a Vitamix, which can actually heat up the soup. Believe it or not. Or I could use the dehydrator to warm it. Or since it’s supposed to be warm that day, we could eat it room temperature. Who wants hot soup in the summer anyway?

Sometime when it’s not so late and I’m not typing on my iPod, I’ll post some links to favorite recipes. Until then, I’ll be stuck with my iPod while I feed the baby, who is definitely benefiting from all the raw food I’ve been consuming lately!

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