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So life has been interesting lately and I thought I’d share a little.

Our schedule has been working pretty well. We still have a lot of tweaking to do, especially where the kids are concerned. And especially with their bedtime. Not the bedtime routine; that is going very well. Just the bedtime. Late nights (brought on by parental neglect) and late sundowns have combined to make the kids very untired in the evening. But I so need that quiet time before my bedtime to interact with my husband and do other things like browse Facebook or read or just do something I want to do. Last night was the best night so far; Gislaine didn’t come out half a dozen times to tell me how not tired she was!

She did come out to tell us her brother was keeping her awake. You see, lately we’ve been playing musical beds in this house. I sleep in a recliner. My daughter was sleeping in our bed. Manny was sleeping in her bed. And Daddy was sleeping in Manny’s bed–to keep away from the baby noises. Both he and I have had sleep issues, and he’s trying to catch up and didn’t want his sleep interrupted when the baby was fussy.

Well, last night Gislaine decided she wanted to sleep in the tent she had made in her room with a blanket and some chairs. I said, why not? Her brother wanted to sleep in her bed as usual. So they were in the same room. They used to sleep in the same room, over a year ago, back when we only had two rooms upstairs. I don’t know what he was doing; I was nursing so Daddy took care of it.

Well, this morning, I went in to wake them up and found them both in the same bed! Bless their hearts! I wish I could have taken a picture (drat the thief who stole our camera!).

Ralfie did much better on the 2.5 hour schedule than on the 3 hour one. He also slept about 5 hours straight last night! What a blessing for me! However, he is already off schedule this morning. Not sure if I should try to get him back on or just live with being off all day. The schedule as it is written is so perfect; I got so much done yesterday. I guess I’ll just play it by ear.

Speaking of getting things done, I am seeing the beauty of having one. I have blocks of time when the baby is sleeping that I can dedicate to working on something (cleaning, organizing, meals), and I found myself working more efficiently. I know having more energy helps!

But here is one real benefit. I’ve been wanting to give Manny a haircut for the last month or more, but I just couldn’t figure out when to do it. I wanted to do it before a bath, but baths weren’t scheduled, and usually ended up being at the last minute or else I just didn’t have time before the bath to do the haircut. So I looked at my schedule yesterday and said, I could take the half hour before their scheduled bath time out of their play time to cut his hair. We can listen to an audio story or something during that time also. And then he goes straight from the haircut to the tub. It is also during the baby’s scheduled sleep time, too.

In a nutshell, it worked perfectly. I did have to switch things up a tad, because he had pooped his pants (why won’t he tell me when he needs to go, or at least right after he’s gone before it gets all dried and smeared?), so I had his sister bathe first so that I wouldn’t need to fill the tub twice. It worked out perfectly.

Of course, I know it won’t always be that perfect. But just having it be that way sometimes instead of chaos all the time is so nice!

But now it’s 7 minutes till breakfast, and I know my husband won’t have it on the table in time. And if breakfast is late, the whole day gets off (or I lose cleaning time and can’t get done what needs to be done).

I also need to figure out when I will do the exercises the physical therapist gave me. I waited until the kids went to bed, then the baby got off schedule and nursed for an hour, and I was so sleepy when he finally finished (about 9:15) that I almost didn’t do them. I did miss some reps… So I want to do them this afternoon. Before supper. I’ll look into that.

Oh, 4 minutes to breakfast! Gotta run!

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