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I have dealt with seasonal allergies off and on all my life. The funny thing is how they come and go.

I used to be allergic to cats. Until our cat died. A few years later someone gave me a cat for my birthday, and I had no problems at all.

I lived in ragweed country for 5 years with no issues. Then I moved away and came back a few years later to visit… and was totally incapacitated until Mom came back from the drug store with some OTC meds that made the rest of my visit much happier!

And now it’s happened again. I’m not sure if it the lack of sleep or the post-pregnancy hormones, but suddenly I am fighting itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and sometimes sore throat. At first I thought I had a cold, but if it were a cold, I’d have mended by now. Instead, I continue to be miserable. Oh, sure, the intensity varies, but right now my eyelids are swollen and my eyes red and my nose irritated from the dripping and rubbing. And it’s affecting how I relate to my family. My tolerance for noise has dropped, and with my eyes itching, I can’t read to my kids (not to mention that the vibrations of my voicebox make my nose feel worse, like they are loosening up what’s inside, making it more likely to drip. And who wants to interrupt a story 50 times with “Aaaaaaah, I need a tissue!“?

Last night was especially miserable. I even posted on FB that I wished I were sick–because a cold would clear up in a few days! Then I decided to research natural allergy remedies. And one thing jumped out at me.

Allergies are related to the immune system. The stronger the immune system is, the less likely one is to suffer from allergies. This I already knew, which is why I suspect that my poor sleep lately (brought on by the arrival of a baby to our home) is a major contributor to my allergies.

But food allergies are also affected by the immune system. And the more allergies one is exposed to, the more likely one is to react. In my case, I have a mild allergy to wheat. It makes me itchy a few hours after I eat it. It’s bad enough to encourage me to make wheatless meals, but not bad enough to make me give it up entirely. However, it very well could be that wheat could be making my environmental allergies worse. And right now, I’m miserable enough that if I have to give up wheat to do it, I will–at least for a while! I can make rye and GF bread, eat rice pasta, and just avoid other sources.

There is another option too. I recently tried some raw sprouted wheat on a day that I had no other wheat, and I didn’t get itchy. So I may be able to get away with sprouting wheat, drying it in the dehydrator, and grinding it. Or, if I ever get a good food processor, grinding the moist sprouted berries into dough. But I don’t have a food processor, and I won’t grind more flour until what I already have is used up. Good thing my husband just bought me a new bread machine!

So wheat free it is. I want to be a happy mom, and I can’t really be happy if I’m miserable!

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    Nicola hartshorn 

    Hi there,i had my baby girl on Christmas day 2011,ever since then I have been suffering from irritated watery did start briefly in june 2011 while I was carrying her but not to the extent after her birth I have visited my gp numerous times and been prescribed every eye drop going and they still did not know what was causing the problem.i have now been referred to our eye clinic at the local hospital and have had my eyes flushed they were not blocked given yet more drops they did not work. I then saw another doctor who said I may be allergic to my baby? Or my hormones could be causing it? I have been given some steroid eye drops to take my eyes don’t look as red but are still watery I go back in 3weeks to see the consultant. My confidence is rock bottom as everyone comments and notices my eyes the skin round them is sore from all the rubbing I won’t go out for meals/socialising as I hate the way my eyes look. I am only 34.and feel like a old hag.i used to be really out going person I love my little family but really want the old me back.just hope they have some answers for me when I next visit the hospital.

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    Here’s what helped me: We got rid of the bed (it had sat in our old house for months, no air circulating, mold growing, etc) and got another one. I started to get more sleep (that helped a lot). And I started sorting through the clothes that had sat in the basement of the same house for months, washing them, and tossing the boxes. I’m doing much better now! You might want to see if maybe there is something in the house you are allergic to. The lack of sleep that comes with a new baby could have weakened your immune system and made you more sensitive to dust and other allergies.

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