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When we first got married, we were pretty unstable as far as homes went. We have lived in 9 different houses since our wedding, and we will only be celebrating our 7th anniversary end of this month. And we lived 2 years in one of those locations! Granted, we would have stopped with the 7th place if a tree hadn’t fallen on it!

When we were in Texas, we were living in admittedly temporary housing. In the first three places we had some furniture that belonged to those homes, so we didn’t need to buy any. Then we moved into a home where we only planned on staying for a few months, so we needed furniture but didn’t want a lot.

So we bought a futon from Walmart and a bookcase or two as well–the cheap pressboard kind. Someone gave us some dressers for free that were in decent shape, but a little banged up. But they were free!

Well, we hated the futon. It was too low and the pad was thin so it slid all the time. It was also too long in the seat–meaning that even long-legged people like me needed pillows to be able to sit with back against the back and still be able to bend legs over the edge. And the angle of incline was really bad, really uncomfortable. But it was all we had in the way of a couch.

So now that we are settled, we decided it was time to ditch the futon and get a couch and a love seat. Based on our experience at the previous house, where we had used our landlord’s leather couch, we decided that we wanted leather. It doesn’t get dirty like upholstery does, and it doesn’t make one sweat like vinyl does (because it breathes). But leather is expensive! We knew we couldn’t get what we wanted new. So we started watching Craigslist.

We also needed new dressers. We still had the chest of drawers we had been given in Texas, but the dresser with the mirror had been destroyed with the house (my husband didn’t want it). And that chest of drawers was full of fabric, having been in the sewing room. We hadn’t needed a dresser in the house that was destroyed because the closet had shelves that worked just fine for clothes. But now in our new home we didn’t have that. So we were putting our clothes into packing boxes that had been turned top-to-the-front and stacked on top of each other to make cubby holes. This worked for a while, but over time the boxes began to break down, and then Manny almost knocked them over by shaking the stack the other day–we’ve lived here 4 months. So we began watching Craigslist for that too.

And we found a lovely dresser with two matching night stands. Solid oak, including a 3-part mirror (the two ends are on hinges) and 8 drawers. It fits nicely in our large walk-in closet, making it a dressing room with clothes hanging on 2 sides and the dresser and mirror on the other. A rack to hold not-dirty-enough-to-wash-yet clothes hung over the door completes it. We also cleared out some of the stuff that was cluttering it and now can put extra shoes under the hanging clothes.

We estimated that the dresser and night stands would be worth around $2,000. We paid $50!

A couple of days later we found our couch. It was one of those long couches with a corner, and even had a chase at one end! It was a nice cream/tan color, not too dark, will go with any color scheme we choose. It’s only 2 1/2 years old and in pretty good condition. We paid only $500. That is pretty good, all things considered! Considering it is worth 3-4 times that new–or more!

The couch came in 4 pieces which fit in our van in two trips, but on our laminate floors, they tend to slide around. But I had a good solution. You know those sticky foam pads that can be used to hold rugs in place? Well, I had purchased one from the dollar store–a small one–so I cut pieces from it and put them under the feet of the couch. This was much simpler than using the build-in connections, and now the couch won’t move anywhere. But each piece is light, so if I want to move them, I can simply lift up and slide out the pads.

The lady that sold us the couch also gave us the area rug she had had in the living room. It matches the two pillows we already had in the living room, so once we get it steam cleaned, we will be putting it in the living room. Then I will choose decorations to match. :)

I really wish we had a camera to show you pictures… But we will eventually. But for now, these items have been more of a priority. I’m glad we have the couch, too. I can lay on it where I can’t yet lay on the bed. It is so comfy, even on a hot day (yesterday reached a high of 98, and inside it got to around 85).

I just want to praise the Lord for His blessings to us!

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