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Today I had a near-disaster with my iPod that turned into a blessing. Let me tell you about it.

Today was my shopping day. I had packed a lunch and planned to be gone most of the day. I took the baby with me, because he exclusively breastfeeds and I don’t pump, so if I’m going to be gone more than two hours, he goes with me. But that’s not really relevant to the story.

What is relevant is that I keep my shopping list on my iPod. It is so convenient. I use the ShopShop app, which allows multiple lists (I have 8 or 10), so I can make a list for each store. I like being able to keep a list of items I want to buy at the health food store separate from the items I will buy at the grocery store, and I keep a running list of items I want to buy at the second hand store, the dollar store, the pharmacy, etc.

My first stop was the chiropractor. My second was Whole Foods. By the time I finished my shopping, both my baby and I were hungry. So I found nice cushioned chair with armrests that had a little table beside it. I sat down with my lunch bag on the table, got the baby going, and pulled out a sandwich and my iPod. I wanted to check my email with the free wifi, then catch up on some of the blogs I follow.

For some reason, though, there was a delay actually connecting to the Internet. I connected to the network, but there was no wifi. Now whether there was simply a delay and I was too impatient, or whether the Internet had a hiccup, I’ll never know. In any case, I decided to try powering my iPod off and restarting it to see if it would work then.

That’s when the trouble started. The iPod wouldn’t turn on.

I held down the power button for what seemed like forever, but nothing happened. Or so I thought. Suddenly I noticed that the screen changed very slightly, as in it lightened almost imperceptibly. And suddenly, about half way through my lunch, I heard it make the sound that indicated that I had received a text message, which confirmed my suspicion that the screen was the problem, and that all my info was not lost. Worst case scenario, I might have to buy a new one and see if I could figure out how to move everything that was on this one onto the new one. That would be hard, though, since the laptop that is linked to this iPod is in the repair shop. And has been for over a month (meaning I haven’t backed up my iPod in over a month).

I had planned on trying out a new WinCo that was near to Whole Foods (new to me–I’ve never been there) and on my way home. But I couldn’t access my list. So I decided to go to the one near the Mac store, which happens to be only half a mile from the WinCo I usually go to.

The guy in the store was very helpful. He took the iPod and held down both buttons for about 20 seconds, and voila, the screen showed up again! I was praising the Lord in my heart right then! But he also noticed that it seemed a little slow. He told me that when I connected it to iTunes on my computer, if I hit the restore button after syncing it, that it would reset the iPod and would work much better. I had noticed that restore button but had been afraid it would wipe everything clean and that I would lose all my info (notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, and such were not something that would be easy to replace). Because it didn’t say that it would then restore the backup that I had made last time it synced. He assured me it would, however.

Now, having this minor problem with my iPod was worth it, since I was able to gain a valuable piece of information that will hopefully eliminate some of the annoyances I’ve been having, such as safari crashing while I’m typing a FB status, or not being able to listen to music while using certain applications that never used to crash before when I was listening to music. I’ve had the iPod almost 2 years, and I have never restored it. I’d say it’s time!

So I was able to do my grocery shopping, as well as stop at my favorite thrift store, where I found some much-needed items, including Sabbath shoes for Laine and a set of sheets for Manny–they have trucks and busses and cars and trains all over them.

Now if I could just get Ralfie to sleep in the baby seat on the shopping cart… But I shouldn’t complain. I didn’t lose my shopping lists! The Lord is good and worthy to be praised!

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