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I’m really enjoying the new schedule that I developed over the last few days. Today was Day 1 of implementing it, and so far it is working quite well.

The only weak areas I can see so far are making sure the kids are occupied at all times with something. Some times work better than others.

For instance, I set my nap time for half an hour starting at 2:00. At 2:00 our time, 3ABN’s Tiny Tots for Jesus program starts, so I set that up on the computer for the kids to watch, and that keeps them completely entertained and quiet for my nap time. The baby is napping during this time, too, so unless he is sick or something, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get my nap. When I get up, Manny goes down for his nap and Gislaine continues to watch the next program (Kid’s Time) while I get to blog. Then the baby gets up at 3:00 for a feeding. This is a new thing, and so far we are all liking it. (Manny doesn’t know that Sissy gets to watch a second program… we’ll see how long that lasts.)

We technically should be starting Kindergarten this year, but Gislaine never really finished preschool last school year. I blame it on my being pregnant, but really, I think I was just lazy. If I’d had a schedule then, it would have been better. But I figured that school isn’t really a big priority right now. I don’t plan on starting her in first grade until next year, so there’s been no rush. I never did a proper kindergarten before starting first grade, just a few workbooks, and that’s all I’m doing with her, too.

Part of the problem is that before I would try to squeeze school in later in the morning, once I was in the full swing of my housework. And it rarely worked out smoothly. So I decided to try something different. Morning worship is at 9:00–timed during one of the baby’s feedings. We eat while he naps, and try to finish breakfast clean-up before he gets up. Worship lasts 15-20 minutes, and then we have time to do a few last things, like brush teeth or make a bed, things that didn’t get done before worship. Then school starts at 9:30.

For now, we only have half an hour scheduled for school. Gislaine does a page or two each from 3 workbooks, then colors a little. The workbooks are books we picked up at the dollar store. She’s only about half way through the alphabet, so we have several weeks still to go. I’ll probably buy some kindergarten workbooks from the same place when she finishes what she’s got. Then next summer I’ll start planning for first grade.

After school, the kids have half an hour of playtime together while I start on my list of cleaning/organizing projects. Then Manny gets to play alone while Gislaine helps me for the next half hour. At 11:00 I get a half hour of time on the computer/Internet. If there are things I need to do–today that was planning our budget for the next month–they get done first. If I have time left at the end, I might check out Facebook or something like that.

At 11:30, it’s time to start lunch prep. Lunch is at 1:00, and I have to feed the baby at 12:00, so I break lunch prep in half. I either prep the food and cook it after feeding the baby, or start something cooking and let it cook while I feed the baby, depending on the meal. The kids play outside for an hour until noon. Once it gets rainy, I’ll figure out something for them to do inside during that hour.

While I feed the baby, we have story time. They get to pick a book or two, and today I started reading the Laura Ingalls series. We read a few pages from the first book today.

Today Gislaine decided to have a bad attitude during her work-with-mommy time, so she ended up getting some time in the corner and extra chores, so she missed out on playing outside. She was very disappointed about that. Let’s hope she has a better attitude about folding clothes with Mommy at 3:30, so that she can spend an hour outside from 4-5, or whatever the schedule says (I haven’t checked that far ahead yet).

So that’s where I’m at. I’ll share more about the schedule throughout the week if I have time. I should–blogging time is in the schedule!


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