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I finally got some pictures downloaded from the new camera we were loaned by a friend after ours was stolen. Here are some random photos, and some that go with previous posts.

Recently, we had raw mock salmon, raw crackers, and a tossed salad for Sabbath lunch. It was more filling than it looks (we ate a lot more crackers and salmon than it shows on the plate). It was delicious.

Gluten-free bread is usually tasteless. Well, not the Gluten-free Goddess’s Delicious Gluten-free Bread. Not only is it delicious, but it turned out well even though I used chia seeds instead of eggs. Here is the result:

Recently we bought a new dresser and matching nightstands. Here they are:

And the leather couch mentioned in the same post:

Some pictures of Gislaine and Emmanuel from our recent visit to a campground with our church:

Isn’t this one precious?

Here are more photos of the kids from other days:

Gislaine by the tomatoes in the garden

Manny in the crib set up for the baby

And what post full of pictures would be complete without pictures of little Rafael? Here are a bunch:

I love these new cloth diapers I bought on Zulily. They are a one-size fits all pocket diaper, though right now I’m using them as wrap covers for prefolds, which I have a lot of. Zulily has great deals on new stuff–I got these diapers 50% off. If you sign up with my link, I’ll get $20 if you ever decide to order something from them.

Give me a hug!

I like to hold Mommy's finger.

No more pictures! Just get me dressed already!

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post more later.

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    Like the raw food picture~an encouragement to me to keep at it.
    You have a precious family. The kids are adorable. Blessings from God.

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    Varria Kendricks 

    Thanx so much for the broadcast Lisa, and for sharing your precious pictures of your “treasures”. I have Favored your blog site now and look forward to your updates. You are truly an inspiration.
    Stay blessed and a Blessing.

  3. #3

    He is very cute….really!!! Usually i just say that to make the new parents feel proud. Typically…babies look pretty much the same to me. However, your Raphel is really cute. He has a happy smile! Well…it’s no wonder…your his Mom!!!

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