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Back a long time ago (I was about 20) I took an IQ test. I don’t remember exactly, but it seems the score was around 150. I question its accuracy, since later I took one and it was closer to 135. Still a good score. Of course, I couldn’t boast too much about my score, since my boss had an even higher one (I don’t remember his, but it put him in the genius category, which I knew he was anyway).

While it used to be thought that there was nothing anyone could do to increase one’s IQ, it is now known that this is not the case. You can increase your IQ. The infografic below tells you how:

Master Your Brain: Raise Your IQ
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Of course, IQ isn’t everything. EQ is a much better indicator of future success, but then, that’s a totally different topic, isn’t it?

Have you taken an IQ test lately? What was your score? What ideas from this graphic do you plan on using to improve your intelligence?

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