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Ever since morning sickness hit about 9 months ago, I gave up on exercise. I did try for a few weeks during the second trimester, but then I was sick and we moved all at the same time, and by the time I recovered from both, I couldn’t keep up with it, mostly because of issues with my hips.

I did find that the Moms Into Fitness Prenatal Yoga helped me a lot before the move, especially after the ultrasound. Lying flat on my back at 5 months pregnant just did a number on my hips, and I spent the rest of the day limping–until I did the yoga. All the stretching and lengthening exercises just fixed me right up. *smile*

I’m more of a exercise video person, but I do okay with a list of moves to do on my own. I found a really great program that I used for a while (before the move). It was a Fit and Healthy Pregnancy program. I didn’t go along with much of the diet part of the program, but the exercise portion seemed well rounded. For someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise videos, this would probably be a great fit.

I put into my schedule a half hour of exercise before the baby wakes up to eat. If I exercise before my devotional time, I am more alert and able to focus. But this morning was the first morning I actually got up and did exercises–partly because I was already awake and figured I might as well be doing something. So I’m buying a postnatal exercise routine that I will use to supplement the exercises my physical therapist gave me. I’ll let you know how that goes later on.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to work back up to P90X, which I was doing when I got pregnant and quit when morning sickness arrived. Of course, I’ll have to find an hour for exercise, instead of just a half hour. I’ll probably get one of Beachbody’s easier programs first, like Slim in 6, which would probably be a step or two above what I am doing now, but not near the intensity of P90X. I miss how great I felt when I was doing that program!

What about you? Have you been exercising? Wish you could get back into it? Can’t find the time? Doing a program you love? Tell me about it!

Hopefully I can be consistent with it!


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