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Having had a baby recently, I found this article very relevant, and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Life has presented your family with another wonderful gift and you are bringing home your newest bundle of joy! Thankfully, this birth probably went smoother and your anxieties were less because of your previous experience. However, every new parent knows that with every new child come new hurdles. Here are some helpful hints to help your first or second born adjust comfortably with their newest sibling:

Making time: It is important that you know how to manage your time with your new and bigger family. That means you want to make time not only for your newest child but your other children, your spouse and most importantly yourself. It is understood that in the first few weeks your attention will be directed at your newborn over the others but as a parent you need to be able to share your time evenly among your children. Be sure to make one-on-one time each day, with each child, do the same with your spouse and then yourself. Even if you only have thirty minutes to do so, do it. It will help you and your family to adjust and enjoy the next step in your family’s life.

Communicate: In any relationship you know that communication is key to making it a successful and loving one. Your child will have lots of questions and frustrations and depending on their age, may have difficulty expressing this, which in return will cause them to act out. As a parent you need to have open communication with your other children. Some tips to help you and your other children to communicate: separate yourselves to be alone, get on the same eye level, use a soft voice and ask them to use their words to speak with you. You may need to ask them questions to get an answer: ‘Are you upset at mommy?’, ‘Are you sad or mad?’ etc. basic questions like this will help you communicate and reassure with your child that even with the new baby everything is fine.

Create a routine: The easiest method for a smooth transition in bringing home your newest baby is to create a routine as soon as possible. Creating a daily routine and schedule will help everyone in the family get used to a new way of life. Start with a breakfast routine, school, dinner and bedtime routine. These routines will give yourself a peace of mind as well as your other children. It helps everyone in your family know what to expect and avoid any frustrations or unwanted surprises.

This can be a fun or frustrating time, depending on how you prepare and react to this situation. Remember to create a routine, communicate and make time! Good luck and enjoy every minute of your new family because time flies when you are having fun!


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