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This morning while fixing breakfast, I called a company to find out of one of their products was gluten free or not. A nice sounding computer answered the phone.

The call went something like this:

Thank you for calling such and such a company. You may speak at any time to indicate where you would like me to direct your call. For information on the company, say company. For information on allergen safety, say allergen safety, for…

I say, “Allergen safety.”

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Please try again…

I tried again, and reached a recording that discussed the how careful they are to label for the 8 most common allergens, etc. That was nice, but it wasn’t very helpful. I needed to know about a certain ingredient in the product (caramel color, to be specific–I had heard that it can come from wheat).

Then before the recording could finish, I accidentally hit a button on the phone and was disconnected. So I called again, got back to that recording, set it on speaker, and laid the phone down while I continued with breakfast preparations.

The next step required me to turn the blender on. No problem. I knew the recording wouldn’t be done for a minute or two, and with my Vitamix, I knew the gravy would be blended smooth before then. When I turned the blender off, the voice said,

I’m sorry, we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. Please hold while I transfer you to a customer service representative.

So if you are ever having trouble getting past a voice prompt system, Just turn the blender on next to the phone!

Works for me! *grin*


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