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I’ve been absent from this blog for a while. Just got a new (to me) iPod with a more up-to-date OS, so I’m going to be able to post now and again in my spare time. Including pictures, since it has a camera!

I discovered this post sitting pending, so here it is. It’s a bit old, but still good. Enjoy!

Have you ever had a child use a simple growing ache to try to excuse themselves from some aspect of life? I have! My daughter was complaining that her leg was sore, but I knew it wasn’t sore muscles. I had sore muscles, but I was carrying on without using them as any kind of excuse. She, on the other hand, was limping around, declaring that she couldn’t get up to get a bowl or cereal to put in it.

So Daddy, recalling something he had heard on a child training CD, found some apple cider vinegar, mixed a spoonful with some chili powder, and offered her a spoonful, promising that it would cure her leg.

She held it in her mouth until she couldn’t stand the taste anymore, then ran to the bathroom to spit it out (since she couldn’t bring herself to swallow it). Daddy called after her that if her leg kept hurting that she should come back for another dose.

Notice that she ran! When she returned, the limp was gone. It was a miracle cure!

The amazing thing about this medicine is that it will cure more than just the person who takes it. Her brother observed the whole drama, and announced cheerfully, “I not have any pain.”

I will admit that I had a hard time keeping a straight face throughout the ordeal. I just stood at the stove and flipped Sweet Potato Pancakes and tried my best not to laugh at her!

The great thing about this medicine is that it has more than one recipe. You can use any nasty-tasting healthy ingredients you have available. Garlic is a good choice, as would radish juice or castor oil or whatever you have on hand.

As the guy on the CD said, three doses are guaranteed to cure all present and future pains, as well as prevent the development of future hypochondriacs!

I love it!

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