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Online Store

On this page you can buy a few of the things I have made myself. You can also view my booth at where I have many more items available, such as gently used clothes, shoes, books, and more. Here is a sample of what I have there:

For the items below, please click on pictures to view full image. Paypal only accepted (unless you want to stop by my house and pay cash). To see other things I have made (but that are not for sale), go to the Portfolio page. Thank you for stopping by my shop!

Handmade Pot Holders with Roses, Maroon Border

This set of 3 potholders has pink and yellow roses on them, trimmed in a deep maroon border. 3 sets available.

Item #004


Handmade Pot Holders with Roses, Blue border

This set of 2 pot holders is has roses and light blue trim to match the tiny blue flowers in the pattern. Very pretty. I have 1 set left.

Item #005


Handmade Easter Bunny Pot Holders

Item #017

Cute little bunnies & eggs. Got 3 sets of 2. Buy all 3 and get an extra free!