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Sewing Portfolio

I am a professional seamstress. I have a certificate from Penn Foster in Dressmaking and Design. I have been sewing for nearly 15 years, and can do almost anything I want to do. I currently charge $15 an hour, and at some point I will post here prices for standard jobs, like shortening jeans or other simple alterations. Please take a look at what I have done below to get an idea of what I can do. You can also read reviews from my customers by checking out my google listing. Call me at 503-719-9401 if you need some sewing done!  

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 I found this fabric at Wal-Mart when I was living in Texas. I envisioned this top, but it took me almost two years to get around to making it. My husband really likes it, and it gives me something to wear with my off-white skirt, so it’s a nie addition to my wardrobe.
I have gotten tired of so many long skirts–especially on hot days! So I bought a pattern and made this one. I think it’s really cute. I made my daughter a matching one, but she was napping when I took this picture.


A lady wanted me to add another layer of ruffles to her dress to make it longer. Here are before and after pictures:

I had to make this pattern for my sewing class. I gave it to my sewing student, because it was too small for me and not really my style anyway:

This lady wanted a warm dress that she could wear to church or shopping or whatever. I used a very old Lutterloh pattern and narrowed the shoulders, since she has rather narrow shoulders. She was very pleased with the result.

I made these dresses for my daughter and me shortly after she was born. Mine has openings in the seam for nursing:

These dresses are similar to the previous ones, only the baby’s is in a larger size, and the bodice crisscrosses. This one was also made for ease of nursing: