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There are a couple of new posts on My Baby Has Eczema:

  1. Probiotic Review and Give-away: the odds are still really good of getting some.
  2. Asthma Awareness: since children with eczema are at higher risk of developing asthma (thankfully Manny never has).

So hop on over and take a look. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing an update about Manny’s eczema soon–hopefully within the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, he’s doing very well and has improved tremendously in the last 6 months.


I feel like blogging tonight, but I don’t know what to blog about. I think my friends are getting tired of hearing about me working out. I’ve posted about that a lot lately. I’m just getting over being sore from a rather intense workout I did Thursday. Going to try it again tomorrow. I’ve got to be ready for P90X next month!!

But enough of that. My husband went to the Goodwill Outlet today. That is such an amazing place if you have time to hunt. He found this set of CD’s for anxiety and depression and paid all of $1! It’s worth $400 brand new–and it was brand new! So he’s going to listen to it–since he’s going to be studying for a degree in social work, it will be helpful for him–and then we might sell it for a nice fat profit on eBay or Amazon.

He also came back with almost 25 pounds of clothes. He bought 3 pairs of jeans for himself, but one of them turned out to be a size 12 (ie, not men’s jeans!) and they fit me perfectly. Not to mention that they come to the actual waistline, which I like (makes the belly look flatter, unlike those awful low-rise jeans!). I’m going to use them for before and after pictures with my workout, since they fit ever so slightly snug, but by the end they should be nice and comfy (I don’t like jeans or skirts or anything digging into my waist, especially when I am sitting down).

He found a bunch of other stuff too. One was a shirt that he thought would be for Gislaine. Problem is, it’s an XL… I told him it would fit her in 10 years. We decided to give it to the 7-year-old neighbor girl who is big for her age. Maybe it will fit her in 3 years. Or just be an oversized shirt now.

He also picked up a bunch of shirts for himself. Pens in pockets have ruined a number of his shirts lately. Some he’ll use now, and others we packed for later when other shirts wear out or get pen marks.

He also found 5 or 6 pairs of training pants for Manny. They are a size 2T, and he’s growing out of that size, but if I get serious about potty training, maybe we can actually use them to help him learn, and then get some size 4T underpants once he’s potty trained.


The weather has been hot here. I can’t really complain too much, because while the rest of the country sweltered, we were blessed with 70-degree days most of the summer. But we don’t have air conditioning, unlike most people, and I’m not really fond of sweating when I’m not working out, so we made do with opening windows at night and closing them in the morning, and avoiding baking during the day (I put the bread machine in the garage and made granola after 5:00 pm, so all the heat would go out during the night). Thankfully it gets cold here at night (high 50’s to low 60’s), and the humidity has been low, so it was bearable. I don’t know what the high was inside the house, but I suspect high 80’s. Which means that tomorrow the high outside will probably be lower than the high today inside. Note to self: After we move, be sure to buy a big fan to sit in the window.

We took Manny for a visit to the doctor last Friday. Which reminds me, I should have been blogging about that on my eczema blog. But I didn’t think of that until just now, and now I don’t have time. It’s almost bedtime.

Today is September 11. I shouldn’t let this day pass without a mention of what happened 10 years ago. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing (probably because I think there is something to at least some of the conspiracy theories out there), but the innocent victims’ families have all my sympathy! And then there are those who should have died but didn’t. The guy who forgot his briefcase, or the lady who got stuck in traffic. Or the pilot who should have been on Flight 11. Watch this–all of it:

[If you are viewing in Facebook or email, please click here to see the video.]

After a silence of about 4 months, I finally got around to writing an update about what we found out about the cause of his eczema and how he is doing now. You can read all about it in that link above.

Part 5 of my son’s story with eczema brings us up to date with where we are at the moment. I’ll be sure to let you know about all future updates.

Also, I should take a moment to mention my sudden silence here this week. I have been reevaluating the use of my time and the goals I have set for this blog, and realized that they don’t fit with where I want to go and what I want to be. I’ll write more about that later. Thank you for understanding in the mean time.

I’ve just posted part 3 of my son’s story with eczema on my other blog, My Baby Has Eczema. If you’ve been following the story, you’ll want to go over there to read it.

Part 3 in the story of my son’s eczema has just gone live on the My Baby Has Eczema blog. If you’ve been following this story, head on over there to read it.

By ozgurmulazimoglu on Flickr

Yes, that is right. I seem to have developed a wheat allergy at the age of 29. Maybe some of you know I just turned 30 last month, and I didn’t actually figure out it was wheat until about a week ago, but the allergy has been developing for the past few months now.

Let me back up. A few months ago, I started using Triamcinalon, a medium-level steroid cream on my son. Sometime thereafter I noticed that I would often get itchy right before bed in a small area, like my calf or lower back or wherever it was. For a while I thought it was that I was reacting to the medication. Maybe if I got some gloves to use while I put it on, I would be better. But I never got the gloves, and I only itched for a few minutes in the evening, so I wasn’t very motivated to do anything about it.

But gradually it got worse. I started being mildly itchy during the day, and the itchy spells in the evening became more intense and widespread. I would find myself scratching off and on for half an hour while trying to go to sleep. I also had pretty much figured out that it wasn’t the Triamcinalon, because some nights he didn’t need it, and some nights Daddy put it on, and yet I was still itchy. But I wasn’t always as itchy to the same degree every night–it would vary somewhat.

I didn’t want to admit it, so I ignored it for a while, but finally it started getting too much to ignore. I was breaking out with these little bumps wherever I was itchy, and when I scratched, it would raise welts and even get hot sometimes (though that only lasted for a few minutes and disappeared as the itch died away). Finally I decided I must be allergic to something. I suspected sugar at first (I have a gargantuan sweet tooth–which is shrinking, by the way), but I still itched even when I completely avoided it. So I figured it couldn’t be that. My next suspect was wheat.

Now, you must understand something about our diet. We don’t have the typical American diet by any means. We can go anywhere from 1-3 days without eating wheat for breakfast or lunch. We don’t eat bread with every meal. In fact, bread usually only gets eaten for sandwiches or as toast for supper. And since I don’t eat supper, there were days I didn’t eat wheat at all. So I started paying attention to how much I itched every evening, and taking note of whether I had had wheat that day or not.

And I definitely noticed a pattern. The days I didn’t get any wheat I itched very little. The night I itched the worst was the day that I had biscuits for breakfast and cornbread (with wheat flour) for lunch. And thus I diagnosed my wheat allergy. Or sensitivity, or whatever it is.

So things are going to be different around here. I’m not cutting wheat out 100% just yet–with my son’s allergies and everything I’m trying to do, that just isn’t something I am ready to do yet. But like I said, we already have many wheat-free days. So I’m going to take one recipe at a time and figure out how to substitute either the recipe or the wheat in it. Last night I took my souffle recipe and used oats instead of breadcrumbs. It turned out okay, except I think I need to increase the salt slightly, or add something else, since oats have less flavor than breadcrumbs. The texture was good, though.

I am also doing an experiment with kamut, and soon will try spelt. They are both related to wheat, but some people with a wheat allergy can eat them. So today I made cornbread (we eat it every week here!), and used freshly ground kamut flour in it. They didn’t raise quite as high as they would have with pastry flour (what I usually use), but they tasted just as good. I have also made it with barley flour, but I wanted to test the kamut. I have also made biscuits with 100% kamut flour, and they turned out beautifully. I haven’t had any wheat since Saturday, and I have been less itchy every night. If I get more itchy tonight, I’ll know I can’t eat kamut either. If I don’t, then maybe I can use it in place of wheat in some things. If not, I know I can make that recipe with barley flour (my mom does it that way), so at least I will be able to continue to make this family favorite!

I got a bread machine recipe for spelt bread, and I can get spelt flour at the grocery store. So I am going to try spelt soon. If I can handle kamut and spelt, I don’t think I’ll even miss wheat. If I can’t… well, then I guess I’ll have to get more creative!

Have you ever had an allergy show up in your adulthood? Please tell me about it! I would love to know how you dealt with it, how you adjusted. And check back soon for the results of today’s kamut test!

After my first post last week about my son’s eczema, I realized that I should really start a separate blog for this topic. There are a lot of reasons for my decision, not the least of which is that I would like to target readers that might not be interested in all the other things I write about on this blog.

I went all out and bought a domain and everything. So go check out My Baby Has Eczema, and please share it with anyone who has a baby or young child with eczema!

Whenever something I post on that site is relevant to my readers here (for example, another installment in the story I started last week), I will post a link here on my blog, so you can follow it from here.

In the process of making the decision to start a completely separate blog, I learned some great information that any blogger who is thinking about a second blog should consider with regards to buying a new domain and the alternatives. I sent it to my favorite learning-about-blogging blog,, and you can read it here. is a great resource for blogging moms. I find myself going there whenever I have questions about how to make my blog better. If you are a mom blogger, I recommend that you subscribe to her site. No matter what your goal in blogging is, there is something for everyone, which means there is something for you!

This Post Has Moved!

I have started a new website dedicated to this topic: My Baby Has Eczema

You can read the post here: Help, My Baby Has Eczema: The Beginning

Be sure to check out the comments for this post here and there as well.

If I had thought of it, I would have put Potty Training My Son as one of my goals to be reached by the end of this year, if possible. I mean, he turns two this month, so that is not an unrealistic goal.

With my daughter, I would try putting her on the potty off and on every few months, and suddenly she started telling me when she was wet, then when she was almost wet, then with time to take her potty… I put panties on her at 19 months.

My son is a whole different story! Partly because of his eczema, I gave up on the infant potty training I was doing with him from early on (about 2 weeks old), and because we had carpet I didn’t want to experiment with it too much. Also we were in limbo–not sure when or where we would move. Now we are stable, buying a house, have hard floors in every room except the office, and I got crazy brave and decided to try it this week.

I figured it was worth a try. I’m not going to push it if he doesn’t show progress by the end of the week. But he seems to be aware of his bodily functions. He has come up to me a few times, patting his bottom and saying “poo poo.” If he sees pee, he will mention it. I have been talking about “pee pee diapers” when I change him, and “poo poo diapers” too.

Yesterday, I let him run around sans diaper for a couple of hours. During that time, I netted about 3 piles of poo and a few more wet spots. Because of course he would never do it while sitting ON the potty–always had to wait for about 30-60 seconds after getting up! Fortunately my to-do load was light, so I just talked about it to him and cleaned up. (Thank goodness for a steam mop to help clean up!!)

Today, I decided to put him on the potty this morning after he had finished breakfast while I swept around the kitchen and living room. I gave him a book and let him entertain himself while I cleaned. As I was cleaning up the piles I had swept up, I heard him saying, “Pee pee, pee pee.” I figured he must have gone and went to investigate.

We picked this potty specifically because of the extra-high pee guard. But there are limits to even the tallest of those. Such as when a boy decides to see what that thing is that spends so much time hiding under his diaper–and decides to pee at the same time!

There was pee on the book–the open book. There was pee on the floor. There was pee down his pajama legs. There was pee on the front of the potty. And, wonder of wonders, there was actually pee inside the potty, too! Roughly 1/4 inch, I think. So I grabbed a shammy (the best things for soaking up puddles–I need to get more of them!) and wiped down all wet spots, then rewiped with wet cloth. Then I took my now naked boy (since his one-piece PJ’s were now wet) to the bathroom with the container of pee to ceremoniously flush it down the toilet. He got to pour it in and flush, and he loved it. I didn’t scold him for the mess, just reminded him with a smile that “pee pee goes in the potty” and whisked him off for the bath that he would have taken anyway even if he hadn’t made a big mess.

Day 2 of attempted potty training has begun. So wish me luck!