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This is the blender I use.

It’s not even noon yet as I sit down to write this, and I have already used my blender three times. I use it more than any given pot or pan, more than the toaster, more than just about anything else. Granted, if my son weren’t allergic to so many things, requiring me to make things for him, I would probably not use it quite as often. But I use it almost every day.

And today happens to be one of those days when I use it extra.

Let’s see… I started out by blending up some black beans I had cooked for Manny, right before I poured them into ice cube trays to freeze for later.

Then I blended the quinoa I had cooked for Manny’s breakfast. Because he doesn’t chew stuff much yet, I find it better to grind his grains. Most of them I grind before cooking, but since quinoa needs to be rinsed, it’s easier to blend it up afterwards.

A little later, I used the blender to make teff milk, which is very similar to the rice milk I demonstrated on YouTube, except that I use a little less teff than rice (otherwise it gets too thick), and I only cook it for 1 hour instead of 2 1/2, because the grains are so tiny.

When I finish with this post, I will make cashew cheese for haystacks.

After lunch, I will make nut milk with the nuts that are soaking on the window sill right now.

So that makes five times today that my blender is getting used. I honestly don’t know how I could live without one! Anyone want to get me a VitaMix for Christmas? Or my birthday? Or just because? Anyone? 😉

But seriously, please share how you use your blender–if you have one. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have you ever noticed those peanut butter grinders in the grocery store? One day I decided to do a price comparison between that peanut butter and what I could get on the aisle. I discovered that, at least at WinCo, where I do most of my shopping, the freshly ground was cheaper!

So instead of buying a big jar of peanut better at Costco like my mom used to do (it would be rather hard, since I don’t have a Costco card, anyhow!), I buy a couple weeks’ supply freshly ground. That way I know exactly how old it is, what’s in it (peanuts, nothing more), and I can get more when I need it. One thing I really like is that I don’t have to spend time stirring the oil of a jar of 100% peanut butter, and wishing I could do a better job faster. Putting a cookie batter mixer on the end of an electric drill was my uncle’s solution, but it was still a lot of work and very messy! Buying freshly ground is so much better!

Works for me!