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Most people hate shots. I have never minded them, though I can’t say I exactly enjoy them. But my son loves them. At least, he gets excited when I tell him it’s time for a shot, or if he sees me bringing the needle up the stairs. For example:

Maybe it has to something to do with how we finish the shot. I poke, squeeze, and pull out faster than you can read it. Then I recap the needle, break the end off, and hand him the cap with the sharp point safely inside. Then we ceremoniously walk over to the sharps container and he drops it in.

I was thinking that maybe we would switch to a sublingual B12 supplement, but this is working so well, maybe we’ll just keep doing it!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Okay, not sure if MCKmama is still doing Not Me Monday, but I have a good one. It happened yesterday.

I have been giving Manny B12 shots for almost a month now, and I felt like I was getting pretty good at them. You know, I sterilize the bottle, fill the sterile syringe with serum, put the cap back on to protect the needle and everything in its path, and spread everything out on the kids’ little table upstairs. Then I get Manny, usually with diaper off, lay him over my leg with his legs between mine, wipe his little sitter on one side with an alcohol swab, pinch up some skin, and prepare to insert needle. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I poke the needle in, compress, and pull out, faster than you can say it. He barely flinches, says “boo boo,” and sits up afterward all ready to throw the cap with broken end of needle inside into the sharps container.

Yesterday I did not miss him and stick my finger instead.

I did not find it hilarious and have a hard time recovering from all the laughter that followed as I prepared a second syringe for a second (thankfully successful) attempt.

And the redish hue in the pad of my left index finger was not still there hours later.

At least I held the alcohol swab with that finger while I wiped the serum and his bottom!

What I can’t figure out is why my husband didn’t find it funny. After all, it was the first in about 2 dozen shots I had done…