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Ever since morning sickness hit about 9 months ago, I gave up on exercise. I did try for a few weeks during the second trimester, but then I was sick and we moved all at the same time, and by the time I recovered from both, I couldn’t keep up with it, mostly because of issues with my hips.

I did find that the Moms Into Fitness Prenatal Yoga helped me a lot before the move, especially after the ultrasound. Lying flat on my back at 5 months pregnant just did a number on my hips, and I spent the rest of the day limping–until I did the yoga. All the stretching and lengthening exercises just fixed me right up. *smile*

I’m more of a exercise video person, but I do okay with a list of moves to do on my own. I found a really great program that I used for a while (before the move). It was a Fit and Healthy Pregnancy program. I didn’t go along with much of the diet part of the program, but the exercise portion seemed well rounded. For someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise videos, this would probably be a great fit.

I put into my schedule a half hour of exercise before the baby wakes up to eat. If I exercise before my devotional time, I am more alert and able to focus. But this morning was the first morning I actually got up and did exercises–partly because I was already awake and figured I might as well be doing something. So I’m buying a postnatal exercise routine that I will use to supplement the exercises my physical therapist gave me. I’ll let you know how that goes later on.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to work back up to P90X, which I was doing when I got pregnant and quit when morning sickness arrived. Of course, I’ll have to find an hour for exercise, instead of just a half hour. I’ll probably get one of Beachbody’s easier programs first, like Slim in 6, which would probably be a step or two above what I am doing now, but not near the intensity of P90X. I miss how great I felt when I was doing that program!

What about you? Have you been exercising? Wish you could get back into it? Can’t find the time? Doing a program you love? Tell me about it!

Hopefully I can be consistent with it!


Getting Fit

A few weeks ago I told you that I was going to get P90X and do it. I may not have mentioned it since then, but I have certainly been thinking about it, almost every day, in fact. I’ve also been working hard to get ready for it. Every week I have increased my average workout time by 10-15 minutes, so that this week I am doing 50-60 minute workouts.

There has not been a day in the last 2 1/2 weeks that I have not been sore somewhere. Near the beginning of the month, I got so sore from a half-hour cardio workout that I could barely walk up and down the stairs at church two days later! I haven’t been that sore anywhere since. However, I have been mildly sore in various places–legs, abs, arms, shoulders… the soreness just moves, never leaves. :) And I’m sure it’s only going to get worse starting next Sunday! LOL!

I’ve been watching some of the P90X videos to get an idea of what they will be doing, and I have learned some things from them and also from the videos I have been using on I noticed that the trainers would do circuits. They would pick 3 or more sets of exercises, and do either so many reps or so many seconds (30, 45, 60, etc) depending on the exercise, and whether it were strength training or aerobic. Well, I decided to apply that to my strength training at the gym.

Something else I learned was about working to failure, meaning you lift a weight heavy enough that at either 8-10 reps or 12-15 (depending on whether you want to build bulk or lean muscle respectively), you cannot life it one more time. Then you rest that muscle by doing other exercises, then come back and do it again.

This is the machine I was using.

So I took those two things to the gym last week. The first exercise I did was the machine bench press . I picked that and two other machines and did 1 set on each machine 3 times. Then I picked 3 more machines and did the same thing, for a total of 9 machines last Thursday. I was able to benchpress only 22 pounds with that machine.

Now, not only is 22 pounds a very small amount, but considering that when I started in late May, almost exactly 4 months ago, I started out at barely being able to do the 20-pound minimum, that’s really bad. I mean, gaining only 2 pounds in 4 months… But all summer whenever I would use that machine, I would do as many reps as I could, then rest for a minute, then do as many as I could again (usually about 12-14).

Tonight I went again. I started out at 22 pounds, but it was too easy. I got all the way to 15. So on the second round, I put it up to 24. That was still too easy, so I put it up to 26. I should have put it up to 28, because I still got up to 15 reps! So that’s a 4-6 pound gain in just 5 days! I worked the muscle to the max, let it rest, then did it again, and sure enough, I improved!

I also improved how much I could do with the bicep curl machine by a couple of pounds, so I was very happy. :)

That’s what P90X seems to be about. Only much more intense!

I can’t wait to get started. I’ll keep you all posted, probably with video posts. And I’ll post my modest before and after pictures (no guys except my husband will ever get to see the immodest ones I took yesterday) once I get them taken. And I’ll try to talk about other things on this blog other than just exercise. It’s just on my mind right now. Including my recipe for a homemade recovery drink. I need to actually make it first, though, and see how it turns out, before I post the recipe!

So are you planning a workout to get ready for the holidays? Why not share it?


I feel like blogging tonight, but I don’t know what to blog about. I think my friends are getting tired of hearing about me working out. I’ve posted about that a lot lately. I’m just getting over being sore from a rather intense workout I did Thursday. Going to try it again tomorrow. I’ve got to be ready for P90X next month!!

But enough of that. My husband went to the Goodwill Outlet today. That is such an amazing place if you have time to hunt. He found this set of CD’s for anxiety and depression and paid all of $1! It’s worth $400 brand new–and it was brand new! So he’s going to listen to it–since he’s going to be studying for a degree in social work, it will be helpful for him–and then we might sell it for a nice fat profit on eBay or Amazon.

He also came back with almost 25 pounds of clothes. He bought 3 pairs of jeans for himself, but one of them turned out to be a size 12 (ie, not men’s jeans!) and they fit me perfectly. Not to mention that they come to the actual waistline, which I like (makes the belly look flatter, unlike those awful low-rise jeans!). I’m going to use them for before and after pictures with my workout, since they fit ever so slightly snug, but by the end they should be nice and comfy (I don’t like jeans or skirts or anything digging into my waist, especially when I am sitting down).

He found a bunch of other stuff too. One was a shirt that he thought would be for Gislaine. Problem is, it’s an XL… I told him it would fit her in 10 years. We decided to give it to the 7-year-old neighbor girl who is big for her age. Maybe it will fit her in 3 years. Or just be an oversized shirt now.

He also picked up a bunch of shirts for himself. Pens in pockets have ruined a number of his shirts lately. Some he’ll use now, and others we packed for later when other shirts wear out or get pen marks.

He also found 5 or 6 pairs of training pants for Manny. They are a size 2T, and he’s growing out of that size, but if I get serious about potty training, maybe we can actually use them to help him learn, and then get some size 4T underpants once he’s potty trained.


The weather has been hot here. I can’t really complain too much, because while the rest of the country sweltered, we were blessed with 70-degree days most of the summer. But we don’t have air conditioning, unlike most people, and I’m not really fond of sweating when I’m not working out, so we made do with opening windows at night and closing them in the morning, and avoiding baking during the day (I put the bread machine in the garage and made granola after 5:00 pm, so all the heat would go out during the night). Thankfully it gets cold here at night (high 50’s to low 60’s), and the humidity has been low, so it was bearable. I don’t know what the high was inside the house, but I suspect high 80’s. Which means that tomorrow the high outside will probably be lower than the high today inside. Note to self: After we move, be sure to buy a big fan to sit in the window.

We took Manny for a visit to the doctor last Friday. Which reminds me, I should have been blogging about that on my eczema blog. But I didn’t think of that until just now, and now I don’t have time. It’s almost bedtime.

Today is September 11. I shouldn’t let this day pass without a mention of what happened 10 years ago. I have mixed feelings on the whole thing (probably because I think there is something to at least some of the conspiracy theories out there), but the innocent victims’ families have all my sympathy! And then there are those who should have died but didn’t. The guy who forgot his briefcase, or the lady who got stuck in traffic. Or the pilot who should have been on Flight 11. Watch this–all of it:

[If you are viewing in Facebook or email, please click here to see the video.]

Have you heard of P90X? It stands for Power 90 [day] Extreme. It is made by Beachbody, a company that is focused on fitness. Well, starting October 1, I’m going to do it.

One of my friends, John, is a Beachbody coach, so I bought the program through him. He’s doing a challenge with a group of people–5-10, he says–to go through the program for 90 days, then to do P90X2 for the next 90 days. I figure it will be good for me, and motivating.

My husband and I are going to work at it together.┬áHe’s already in decent shape–he’s been working out at the gym for a while. I, on the other hand, have a hard time motivating myself to do my workout, even when I get to the gym. I don’t enjoy challenging myself, and my workouts get boring after a while, and I plateau quickly. P90X will solve all of those issues.

I’m not really overweight, but I have some extra “baby fluff” around the middle that I would like to get rid of. Plus I have never been able to do a push-up–not even a girl push-up–ever in my life. And currently I need 80-90 pounds of assistance to do a chin-up. And I only weigh between 130 and 135. It’s what I got down to in my weight loss challenge last year, and I never have gotten lower. I am a bit more fit than I was at the beginning of the summer, thanks to my gym membership, but I have plateaued, and I need something to help get me over this hump.

I’d like to invite you, if you would like to join me in this fitness adventure, check out John’s blog post about the challenge. I’m not doing the shake part of it, for financial reasons, but I wish I could. But I figure there are some things I can do about nutrition anyhow, and I’m really more interested in the┬ácamaraderie and accountability. I’m not a Beachbody coach and would get nothing out of it if one or more of my readers wanted to join the challenge, except mutual moral support.

So what do you think? Care to join me?