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Several months ago, I was invited to talk with decorator Kelly Edwards for a few minutes and ask her several questions. They video recorded her answering my questions live, and sent me the video.

She was especially focused on the bathroom, though some of my questions were more general to other areas of the home as well. ┬áIn addition to this video, there are online schools that will teach you interior decorating practices. The video is short–only about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Seems my blog is getting found a bit more. I got an email this morning from a lady who invited me to an interview with Decorator Kelly Edwards. On November 2 early in the morning (for me–I’ll be fixing breakfast) I get 10 minutes to ask her any questions I want! I figured, Sure, why not? I could use some decorating help anyhow! And considering she specializes in budget ideas, I figured it was a win-win.

So I looked around her site and watched a video or two, and I was very impressed. I am going to be thinking of questions to ask her. But I thought, why not get my readers involved? If you could ask a master decorator any question, what would it be? Post your questions in the comments, and I’ll get some answers on November 2. If I get too many questions, I may have to pick only a few of them, but I’ll do the best I can.

I will be getting a link to the video of the interview, so you will be able to watch. I have the second slot, so our questions will be fairly early in the program.

Can’t wait to watch the video! Please help me out with questions!