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Having had a baby recently, I found this article very relevant, and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Life has presented your family with another wonderful gift and you are bringing home your newest bundle of joy! Thankfully, this birth probably went smoother and your anxieties were less because of your previous experience. However, every new parent knows that with every new child come new hurdles. Here are some helpful hints to help your first or second born adjust comfortably with their newest sibling:

Making time: It is important that you know how to manage your time with your new and bigger family. That means you want to make time not only for your newest child but your other children, your spouse and most importantly yourself. It is understood that in the first few weeks your attention will be directed at your newborn over the others but as a parent you need to be able to share your time evenly among your children. Be sure to make one-on-one time each day, with each child, do the same with your spouse and then yourself. Even if you only have thirty minutes to do so, do it. It will help you and your family to adjust and enjoy the next step in your family’s life.

Communicate: In any relationship you know that communication is key to making it a successful and loving one. Your child will have lots of questions and frustrations and depending on their age, may have difficulty expressing this, which in return will cause them to act out. As a parent you need to have open communication with your other children. Some tips to help you and your other children to communicate: separate yourselves to be alone, get on the same eye level, use a soft voice and ask them to use their words to speak with you. You may need to ask them questions to get an answer: ‘Are you upset at mommy?’, ‘Are you sad or mad?’ etc. basic questions like this will help you communicate and reassure with your child that even with the new baby everything is fine.

Create a routine: The easiest method for a smooth transition in bringing home your newest baby is to create a routine as soon as possible. Creating a daily routine and schedule will help everyone in the family get used to a new way of life. Start with a breakfast routine, school, dinner and bedtime routine. These routines will give yourself a peace of mind as well as your other children. It helps everyone in your family know what to expect and avoid any frustrations or unwanted surprises.

This can be a fun or frustrating time, depending on how you prepare and react to this situation. Remember to create a routine, communicate and make time! Good luck and enjoy every minute of your new family because time flies when you are having fun!


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The more I work with the schedule, the more impressed I am with it. I have enjoyed having time to get caught up on mending projects that would otherwise not have gotten done for a few more months. I also appreciate having time to blog.

Sure, sometimes it gets cut into, like today. I actually washed 3 loads of laundry this morning, and the line was full since last night. The load from last night was baby clothes that were given to us. Two big rubbermaid containers full. I filled the washer with a load and hung it up all night. Because my line doesn’t get light until around 11 am, I had two loads done before it had even begun to dry–sheets and one load of family clothing. Then I realized that I had forgotten to wash a new pillowcase that I wanted to use today, and my daughter had forgotten to remove another pillowcase (we are a bit short on pillowcases, so some of them need to be washed every week to be available), so I washed those on the quick wash setting with a bunch of cloth napkins to fill it out. Anyhow, when blogging time came, I ran out for 10 minutes to haul down dry items and hang wet ones in their place. There are still wet things in the basket… I may have to run a load in the dryer this evening, but I’m hoping with the warm weather we have, coupled with a gentle breeze, the clothes will all be dry today, even if they don’t all get folded today.

Speaking of pillowcases, I just have to take a diversion to tell you about one of them. A few weeks ago, I found at the thrift store a set of sheets with cars and trains all over them for my son. But I didn’t see a pillowcase to go with the sheets. Until last Tuesday. Apparently it hadn’t been put out yet, and no one wanted it by itself. So I bought it!

But I digress.

I still haven’t gotten the whole schedule perfect yet. My schedule is pretty good. I have time for everything, with enough wiggle room to catch up on things that need to be done.

Today I got the kids going with school right on time. For now, we’re doing 1/2 hour of school. When we finish the preschool books, I’ll consider bumping it up to 45 minutes for Gislaine, at least. Manny is anything but ready to start any kind of school. He’s much more hands on. I let him color, play with puzzles, or his special wooden tools that he only plays with during school, or look at books. He’s not ready to write letters yet. But he notices what his sister is doing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he knows the alphabet by the time the school year is over.

I spent my morning cleaning time (10-11) changing bed sheets and dusting/polishing the wooden furniture. I haven’t polished any furniture (except for the computer desk when it arrived) since we moved into the house, so some things really needed it. I took everything off the surfaces and did a thorough job. It took about 1/2 an hour. The piano smells so nice, as does everything else!

My husband still hasn’t gotten on board with the schedule. I’m not sure if he will ever or not. He makes certain things on time, like breakfast (usually) and morning worship, but other than that he pretty much doesn’t live with any kind of schedule. That’s okay. He’s not going to be home all the time forever. Actually, he has only 5 more weeks here before he has to go back to work, and less than that before school starts (1 1/2 days per week).

But I thought it might help him if he understood what I am doing and why with the schedule. We haven’t had a lot of time to discuss it, and he’s not a big reader, especially in English. He reads his devotional books and the Bible, and beyond that doesn’t do much reading. However, I have discovered that he enjoys listening to books on CD. So I have started to read the book Managers of Their Homes by Steven and Teri Maxwell (the book that taught me how to make a schedule) and record it on Audacity. When I’m done, I’ll burn an mp3 CD, and he can listen to it in his car when he is driving. If that goes over well, I might read him some other book that I would like him to read. This will also help me be a better reader. I make a lot of  mistakes when I read–especially if I read too fast.

Well, it’s time to feed the baby now, then on fold whatever laundry is dry, with my daughter’s help. Then I’ll bathe the baby and get Gislaine practicing the piano. She had 2 days of practice last week, and is doing very well with it. She spends maybe 15 minutes a day practicing. At her age, I think that is quite enough! When that’s done, I’ll spend a half hour sewing or mending, then I’ll have a half hour to do whatever needs to be done (most likely laundry). After that the older kids take their baths, then I feed the baby and then get supper. After supper is worship and bedtime. Then I have some time to catch up on whatever didn’t get done before, which will probably include freezing the beets I boiled last evening. They were a gift from a church member, and since my son can eat beets, I don’t want them to go to waste!

In the mean time, I hope my husband cleans up the kitchen. He ate lunch an hour late, so I cleaned up what I could during clean-up time, and left the rest for him to clean up while I napped. He didn’t do it. So I may end up doing it during my discretionary time, or take 10 minutes out of my sewing time. We’ll see how it goes.

All I know is, being on a schedule and on schedule makes me very happy!

I’m really enjoying the new schedule that I developed over the last few days. Today was Day 1 of implementing it, and so far it is working quite well.

The only weak areas I can see so far are making sure the kids are occupied at all times with something. Some times work better than others.

For instance, I set my nap time for half an hour starting at 2:00. At 2:00 our time, 3ABN’s Tiny Tots for Jesus program starts, so I set that up on the computer for the kids to watch, and that keeps them completely entertained and quiet for my nap time. The baby is napping during this time, too, so unless he is sick or something, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to get my nap. When I get up, Manny goes down for his nap and Gislaine continues to watch the next program (Kid’s Time) while I get to blog. Then the baby gets up at 3:00 for a feeding. This is a new thing, and so far we are all liking it. (Manny doesn’t know that Sissy gets to watch a second program… we’ll see how long that lasts.)

We technically should be starting Kindergarten this year, but Gislaine never really finished preschool last school year. I blame it on my being pregnant, but really, I think I was just lazy. If I’d had a schedule then, it would have been better. But I figured that school isn’t really a big priority right now. I don’t plan on starting her in first grade until next year, so there’s been no rush. I never did a proper kindergarten before starting first grade, just a few workbooks, and that’s all I’m doing with her, too.

Part of the problem is that before I would try to squeeze school in later in the morning, once I was in the full swing of my housework. And it rarely worked out smoothly. So I decided to try something different. Morning worship is at 9:00–timed during one of the baby’s feedings. We eat while he naps, and try to finish breakfast clean-up before he gets up. Worship lasts 15-20 minutes, and then we have time to do a few last things, like brush teeth or make a bed, things that didn’t get done before worship. Then school starts at 9:30.

For now, we only have half an hour scheduled for school. Gislaine does a page or two each from 3 workbooks, then colors a little. The workbooks are books we picked up at the dollar store. She’s only about half way through the alphabet, so we have several weeks still to go. I’ll probably buy some kindergarten workbooks from the same place when she finishes what she’s got. Then next summer I’ll start planning for first grade.

After school, the kids have half an hour of playtime together while I start on my list of cleaning/organizing projects. Then Manny gets to play alone while Gislaine helps me for the next half hour. At 11:00 I get a half hour of time on the computer/Internet. If there are things I need to do–today that was planning our budget for the next month–they get done first. If I have time left at the end, I might check out Facebook or something like that.

At 11:30, it’s time to start lunch prep. Lunch is at 1:00, and I have to feed the baby at 12:00, so I break lunch prep in half. I either prep the food and cook it after feeding the baby, or start something cooking and let it cook while I feed the baby, depending on the meal. The kids play outside for an hour until noon. Once it gets rainy, I’ll figure out something for them to do inside during that hour.

While I feed the baby, we have story time. They get to pick a book or two, and today I started reading the Laura Ingalls series. We read a few pages from the first book today.

Today Gislaine decided to have a bad attitude during her work-with-mommy time, so she ended up getting some time in the corner and extra chores, so she missed out on playing outside. She was very disappointed about that. Let’s hope she has a better attitude about folding clothes with Mommy at 3:30, so that she can spend an hour outside from 4-5, or whatever the schedule says (I haven’t checked that far ahead yet).

So that’s where I’m at. I’ll share more about the schedule throughout the week if I have time. I should–blogging time is in the schedule!


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Now that I have 3 children, one of whom has special dietary needs, I feel I must develop and stick to a schedule. I purchased the book Managers of Their Homes and read it through in 2 days.

Just a few minutes ago I finished putting the schedule together. I must say, their method makes it so easy! I filled in the obvious things, like meals and the baby’s nursing schedule. Then I filled in the kids’ schedules and the gaps. My husband plans on making a schedule for himself–though if he will just make meals on time and help with breakfast prep and be available to spend 1/2 an hour with the baby while I shower, I’ll be content. The way it is structured, I’ll practically be able to run the house by myself, including teaching 1/2 hour of preschool/kindergarten and starting Gislaine on the piano. I also plan to do 1/2 hour of mending or sewing and a half hour working on my blog each weekday except Tuesday (shopping day). I suspect that we will test the schedule on Monday, but Tuesday is not only my shopping day but also our anniversary, and Wednesday I have an appointment for physical therapy that I couldn’t get scheduled for Tuesday, so it will be interesting to see how those days go.

It is also the lament of many a housewife that they can’t stay on schedule when their husband is home. I have mine for another 5 weeks. This should be interesting!

Have you ever done a schedule? How did it go?

So life has been interesting lately and I thought I’d share a little.

Our schedule has been working pretty well. We still have a lot of tweaking to do, especially where the kids are concerned. And especially with their bedtime. Not the bedtime routine; that is going very well. Just the bedtime. Late nights (brought on by parental neglect) and late sundowns have combined to make the kids very untired in the evening. But I so need that quiet time before my bedtime to interact with my husband and do other things like browse Facebook or read or just do something I want to do. Last night was the best night so far; Gislaine didn’t come out half a dozen times to tell me how not tired she was!

She did come out to tell us her brother was keeping her awake. You see, lately we’ve been playing musical beds in this house. I sleep in a recliner. My daughter was sleeping in our bed. Manny was sleeping in her bed. And Daddy was sleeping in Manny’s bed–to keep away from the baby noises. Both he and I have had sleep issues, and he’s trying to catch up and didn’t want his sleep interrupted when the baby was fussy.

Well, last night Gislaine decided she wanted to sleep in the tent she had made in her room with a blanket and some chairs. I said, why not? Her brother wanted to sleep in her bed as usual. So they were in the same room. They used to sleep in the same room, over a year ago, back when we only had two rooms upstairs. I don’t know what he was doing; I was nursing so Daddy took care of it.

Well, this morning, I went in to wake them up and found them both in the same bed! Bless their hearts! I wish I could have taken a picture (drat the thief who stole our camera!).

Ralfie did much better on the 2.5 hour schedule than on the 3 hour one. He also slept about 5 hours straight last night! What a blessing for me! However, he is already off schedule this morning. Not sure if I should try to get him back on or just live with being off all day. The schedule as it is written is so perfect; I got so much done yesterday. I guess I’ll just play it by ear.

Speaking of getting things done, I am seeing the beauty of having one. I have blocks of time when the baby is sleeping that I can dedicate to working on something (cleaning, organizing, meals), and I found myself working more efficiently. I know having more energy helps!

But here is one real benefit. I’ve been wanting to give Manny a haircut for the last month or more, but I just couldn’t figure out when to do it. I wanted to do it before a bath, but baths weren’t scheduled, and usually ended up being at the last minute or else I just didn’t have time before the bath to do the haircut. So I looked at my schedule yesterday and said, I could take the half hour before their scheduled bath time out of their play time to cut his hair. We can listen to an audio story or something during that time also. And then he goes straight from the haircut to the tub. It is also during the baby’s scheduled sleep time, too.

In a nutshell, it worked perfectly. I did have to switch things up a tad, because he had pooped his pants (why won’t he tell me when he needs to go, or at least right after he’s gone before it gets all dried and smeared?), so I had his sister bathe first so that I wouldn’t need to fill the tub twice. It worked out perfectly.

Of course, I know it won’t always be that perfect. But just having it be that way sometimes instead of chaos all the time is so nice!

But now it’s 7 minutes till breakfast, and I know my husband won’t have it on the table in time. And if breakfast is late, the whole day gets off (or I lose cleaning time and can’t get done what needs to be done).

I also need to figure out when I will do the exercises the physical therapist gave me. I waited until the kids went to bed, then the baby got off schedule and nursed for an hour, and I was so sleepy when he finally finished (about 9:15) that I almost didn’t do them. I did miss some reps… So I want to do them this afternoon. Before supper. I’ll look into that.

Oh, 4 minutes to breakfast! Gotta run!

Little Rafael has slipped into enough of a routine that I felt I could make a schedule for the family. I’ve attempted many schedules in the past, and never stuck with it long, but I feel like I have to try again. I crave the order and regularity that a schedule provides. If I can get my husband on board with it, I just might be able to make this one work. It will provide a rhythm for the day, as well as structure for the children. I guess you could say I have too many children to just “wing it” anymore. I’ve also been inspired by the blog Large Families on Purpose. Erika, the writer, has 9 children, the two youngest being twins, and she has details on her blog about how she schedules her time as well as the time of all 9 children.

My goal is to make sure I have time for sleep (I’ve actually scheduled in two 1/2-hour naps into my day), as well as trying to make the best use of my time. For instance, I scheduled morning and evening worships during the baby’s feeding times.

Of course, I know the schedule will change soon; Ralfie won’t be on a 3-hour feeding schedule forever. But he will be for a few weeks, I expect. Once his schedule changes, I’ll adjust the schedule accordingly.

In fact, I know that what I’ve come up with is only a guideline, and it is also going to have to be flexible. But it is an attempt!

For me, my biggest problem with a schedule has been the evenings. If I don’t start the evening routine on time (such as getting supper ready on time, telling the kids to pick up their toys by a certain time, etc), then everything gets messed up. The kids are in bed late. There is a bunch of stuff left to do after they get into bed. And then I get to bed late myself, making getting up on time pretty much impossible. I’m hoping the afternoon nap will provide me with enough energy to be ready to start the evening routine on time and keep it going.

Do you have a schedule? Have you tried one and failed? Do you plan on trying again? Tell me about it.

If you use Facebook (and maybe even if you don’t), you have probably seen this picture floating on your news feed:

I have very strong opinions on Daylight Nuisance Savings Time. And I thought I’d share them.

First of all, it doesn’t save time at all. There are still 24 hours in a day. And on days like today, it actually steals an hour! Granted, it gives it back in the fall, but by that time, I’ve forgotten how annoying it was to have it taken in the first place. It’s like someone stealing the $20 bucks I planned to buy lunch with, only to bring it back a month later. By that time, I have long gotten over the loss, you know!

Where did DST originate? Well, since I don’t have time to research that (and since I’m sure you’ve already read something on that topic within the last few years), let’s just say that what I remember being told is that farmers needed more daylight at the end of the day to get their work done. But that makes no sense. I mean, farm equipment has lights, just like cars do. Why not just start an hour earlier in the morning? Or are those poor farmers supposed to skip an hour of sleep every night in the summer?

Not all states and countries have DST. Arizona doesn’t. I have a friend who dreams of moving there. Her health is very unstable and requires adherence to a very strict schedule. The time change messes with that. Although she changes the times on her schedule to adjust as though there were no DST, it makes activities like going to church difficult. Mexico has DST, but it starts later and ends earlier–as we discovered once when trying to attend a function at a church across the border. It seems that it used to start later and end earlier in the US, too, but someone keeps pushing the dates back to make it longer.

Growing up, we called DST “Man’s time” and the regular time “God’s time.” I still think of it that way.

I figure, what’s the point of changing it at all? Just pick a time and stick to it. The changing back and forth every year is annoying.

Thankfully for me, we worship on Saturday, so we don’t have to be anywhere Sunday morning. That makes it easier to adjust–we don’t need to lose the hour of sleep. Unless, of course, we stay up an hour later the night before!

So those are my thoughts. What do you think about Daylight Savings Time? Do you like it? Dislike it? Why? Please share!

This guest post has a lot of good ideas on healthy sleep habits. Feel free to share any comments you might have–especially suggestions that are not listed here!


A lot of parents go through a lot of distress in getting their kids to follow a systematic sleep pattern. There are parents who have kids that are hyperactive and do not want to sleep, whereas others have kids who sleep at the oddest of hours. All in all, it is tough for a parent to cope with sleepless nights, and frustrating as well. However, it has been medically proved that if you inculcate the following sleep habits in your kids, then you might end up establishing a systematic sleeping pattern in your kids effortlessly:

1. Maintain a consistent sleep/wake-up time for your kids

It is important to keep a consistently maintained sleep schedule throughout the week, irrespective of weekends and holidays. This will enable their body to work in a particular manner. This way, their body will automatically tell them when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake up without any fuss whatsoever.

2. Introduce some form of exercise or a sport daily

Try to incorporate some kind of physical activity in your kid’s daily planner. Not only will it make them healthy and alert but will also go a long way in their well-being.

3. Always make sure they have dinner before bedtime

It is important that the kid’s do not sleep on an empty stomach. Try to keep the dinner ready and prepared well in time. In times when dinner is not done, then give them some cereals, milk or a fruit before putting them to bed. Also, make sure that dinner is eaten at least two hours before bedtime.

4. Do not give foods containing caffeine to kids

Avoid foods that contain caffeine in the evenings as it can interfere with their sleep. So chocolates, iced teas, colas and coffee should be a definite no-no for the evenings!

5. Tuck the kids in bed an hour before bedtime

Try to plan your evenings so that you can tuck your kids in bed an hour before lights are off. This will give them an hour of doing fun activities, reading a book, playing or listening to songs before settling off to sleep.

6. Make sure the room is adequately lit

It is important for the kids to feel safe in the room, so do make it comfortable to them in terms of buying a good night light for their room.

7. Do not put in distracting gadgets in their rooms

Try to avoid putting in a TV set in the kid’s bedroom. Kids get distracted easily and their excitement for watching television might make it difficult for them to sleep.

8. Avoid associating the bedroom with punishment

If you have to discipline a child, try to avoid using the bedroom for time outs as the kids will associate it with negative things. Try to increase the positive aspects about their bedroom.

9. Have a final interaction with your kids before sending them off to bed

It is important to give the kids a feeling of warmth and love – so do give them the kiss and hug before tucking them in bed.

10. Try to letting older kids from napping in the afternoons

As kids grow older, they refuse to sleep on time if they have napped in the afternoon. So, if you have a kid who is five or older – then try to avoid letting them nap in the afternoon so that they can sleep on time.


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