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So I’ve been conspicuously absent from this blog for several months. Sorry about that. I’ve just been really busy. I know, we all are busy, but I’ve just not been motivated to do anything here. It takes a lot of time.

And I’m probably not going to post a lot here regularly even now. I just started an official Kindergarten homeschool program with my 6-year-old daughter. We are using My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum and loving it! I’ll see if I can take some pictures and post them sometime.

If you’ve been following my son’s story with eczema, well, he’s really improved lately. We are very hopeful on that front.

I’ve continued to follow a lot of blogs, and I figured that since I’m not up to giving you a lot of original content, I would point you to some great content I’ve read lately. So in no particular order:

100 Ways to Make Your Marriage Mediocre is worth reading. And sharing. And pinning. And tweeting. Etc. And if you’re want an interesting insight into what your husband really wants (anytime, not just on Valentine’s), read this post.

One mom of many writes On Encouraging Self Sufficiency in Children. The post following it is interesting too. And be sure to check out the links at the end to get the perspective of other moms of many.

I’ve told myself that soap making is too hard, but then I saw this post about homemade soap and changed my mind. So I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for a hand blender, and when I get some, I’ll buy some lye and try it. I’ve got some delicious-smelling Lime oil that would make a simply lovely-smelling soap!

How can we teach children to work hard with a good attitude? There is some very practical, Biblical advice in there!

Ever heard of Dry Shampoo? It’s the secret to washing your hair less without it looking greasy. I’ve only shampooed my hair 3 times in the past 2 weeks, and in between I use this recipe for dry shampoo (using carob instead of chocolate, because that is what I have), and I’ve been loving it. I also try to give my hair somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 strokes every night, just like they used to in the old days (when my grandma was young). I don’t count, but I brush it a lot. I think my hair is going to be healthier for it, and I’m saving money on shampoo too! Woo hoo! I love saving money!

If you homeschool, you need to check out these ideas for making flashcards fun. The 5 posts following that one each have some really neat ideas. Definitely something I’m going to do!

Have you ever wondered how to get it all done? I have taken this to heart lately and tried to bring my life into conformity to what I learned in this post. It’s well worth reading, especially if you have a lot of things to do!

Okay, I think that’s enough. Time to work on making my marriage better than mediocre. :)

I almost made the title “The Cure for Every Disease,” but that is the name of a book that has nothing to do with this post. It would also be somewhat inaccurate. What I am about to tell you about shows you how to heal issues of the heart, emotional issues. This, in turn, will heal pretty much every physical issue you have in your body. But that is a bi-product and not the ultimate purpose.

This method has healed incurable diseases. And I dare to say that because I know a friend who had celiac disease. According to WebMD, there is no cure for celiac disease (source). The treatment is a gluten-free diet, which will relieve all symptoms and give the person a chance at a normal life; but there is no known cure. A tiny crumb of gluten can cause a flare-up even years after beginning the diet.

But my friend is healed. I watched her eat two sandwiches made with wheat bread just a few days ago. That is supposed to be impossible. But it’s not. She is cured. What did she do?

She healed her issue with a technique known as The Healing Code. The Healing Code is a healing technique utilizing energy, and functions according to the laws of quantum physics.

Now, that last sentence probably makes no sense at all–and it might sound scary. For people who are leery of acupuncture and other energy healing methods, it might even sound suspicious. Healing with energy? Where does that come from? How can you be sure there aren’t dark forces behind this energy, demonic forces?

Is Energy Healing Safe?

First, I will say that the only similarity between the codes and acupuncture is that they both balance out the energy of the body in a way that can be measured with medical equipment (specifically, the Heart Rate Variability machine). However, not only are the techniques completely different, but the focus is also different. Acupuncture focuses on the health issue–the pain, the allergy, etc. The code focuses on the heart issue–the emotion, the memory, etc. This in turn reactivates the immune system, which is then able to heal the health issue.

The truth is, energy is a part of who we are. Every atom of our being has a frequency that can be read on the right kind of machine. I once heard in a music seminar the audible sound of emotional frequencies. Positive emotions had cheerful, happy sounds, while negative emotions had distressful sounds. The healing code works by canceling out the negative frequencies that cause stress to the body. Once the stress that was suppressing the immune system is gone, then the body is able to heal itself.

Biblically and Scientifically Sound?

The friend who recommended the book to me is a dedicated Christian, which is why I decided to take a look at it in the first place. If she had not been a Christian, I probably would not have touched it. And even then, I went into it looking for anything that went counter to the Bible (and if you are an Seventh-day Adventist, you’ll know what I mean when I say I was also testing it against the Spirit of Prophecy).

I was amazed as I saw principle after principle line up. It even quoted the Bible is several places to illustrate the veracity of the method. In fact, the author himself spent a year and a half testing the method against the Bible, and then another year and a half testing it against science, before he began sharing it.

There is nothing mystical in the method. It is based on something God put into our bodies when He created us, but until just a few years ago it was unknown. (At least, in recorded history–who knows what was known about it before the flood.) In fact, the method can be explained in terms of quantum mechanics–a field that is very strange, but scientifically proven on at least some level.

Part of the method includes focusing on the opposite of whatever issue you are having (forgiveness instead of unforgiveness, for instance) while doing the technique. Exactly how you do that can vary, but you must use truth. You cannot say something like, “I know my cancer is healing right now” (such as is used by those “name it and claim it” ministries on TV), because it might be false, and if it is, then saying the statement actually causes more stress to the body. Instead, you could say, “I believe that God is able to heal my cancer, and I trust Him to do it.” That is a truth statement, and it is capable of relieving stress in the body. One could also recall positive memories that are the opposite of the issue being dealt with. For instance, if your issue is an unforgiving spirit, you could recall a time you forgave someone. Although it is not mentioned specifically in the book, I have found that quoting Bible verses during the treatment (because the Bible is the ultimate truth) is also effective. Using these methods without the code has been proven beneficial (claiming promises, prayer, positive thinking, etc); but the use of the code multiplies the benefits and actually heals the underlying spiritual and emotional issue at its source. And the results of the healing can be scientifically verified.

Not only does it work for adults, but it works for infants and animals as well. This proves that the results are not merely a placebo effect, because babies and animals cannot exhibit a placebo effect.

And It Really Works

There are a lot of people making claims about this or that miracle drug or herb or technique, but none are virtually 100% effective. Most are not even close. NAET is a good example. Some have had results, but many have not. Now, a practitioner would say those who did not get results didn’t have enough sessions, and that may be true. But it gets expensive very quickly, and many people cannot afford the number of treatments it would take to see results–if indeed they ever would. But one only needs to read the reviews of the book on Amazon to know that it has worked for almost everyone. And I suspect that those who did not see results with the book would see results if they bought the full set of codes (the book only has the universal code, but it is almost universally effective).

Let me share my testimony. Or rather, three of them.

I was spending the night at the home of the friend was healed of celiac disease and shared the book with me. We were talking late into the night, and we began to discuss where I might begin to work with the code. I knew that there are emotional issues related to my mother, and I realized that on some level I had never really forgiven her for them. So we were discussing this. She suggested that a truth focus statement I could use would be something like, “As God has forgiven me, I choose to extend forgiveness to my mother for [issue I am concentrating on]”, and instantly I knew that the statement would not work, because it would not be truth for me. The truth was that I could not believe that God had truly forgiven me for some of my sins (specifically the ones I had done over and over and over again). I had confessed them, but when my mother had said things like “I’ll believe it when I see it” in response to my declarations of repentance over certain oft-repeated mistakes, I had projected my mother’s attitude onto God, and could not accept His forgiveness. Instantly I knew that this was where I needed to focus first. Then once her statement was true, I would be able to forgive my mother for other things.

So the next morning I prayed, asking God that if this code was from Him, that He would give me confirmation. Then I did the code. When I was done, I felt good, and got up to have breakfast. Later, while washing the dishes, I accidentally broke the handle off a mug. I felt bad, of course, and began to plan on telling someone about it, so the people living in the house wouldn’t start blaming each other and all denying it and cause tension. Suddenly I stopped. I realized that before I would have tried to hide the evidence, fearful that I would not be extended forgiveness. But I had no fear of them not forgiving me. It didn’t matter whether they forgave me or not. And then I knew that this was because I knew God would forgive me and human forgiveness was merely incidental. As this dawned on me, tears came to my eyes, and I knelt down and began to praise God as I have not praised Him in years. I thanked Him for His free gift of forgiveness and praised Him for helping me to find the code that helped to heal this issue!

A couple of days later, Gislaine and I were discussing her fear of storms. Ever since the tree fell on our house, right over her head, she has been terrified of storms. [Incidentally, I sustained no negative emotional effects from the storm, because I instantly processed how God had protected us–for the tree had fallen right over our heads. Gislaine, however, was inconsolable for some time after it fell.] She was never very dramatic about it, but she would come to me when the wind started to blow or lots of rain to fall and tell me she was scared with a little tremble in her voice. I asked her to rate her fear of storms. Since she couldn’t comprehend the 1-10 scale, I told her to just tell me how big it was with her hands. She told me it was so big, as big as from the ground to the sky! So then I did the code on her. At a certain point, she told me she felt hot wind coming out of my fingers. I told her that was the healing energy. I recited Bible verses about trust and peace, had her think about the time when Jesus calmed the storm, told her to imagine that Jesus was giving her a hug–positive mental images and thoughts that were the opposite of her fear. When we were done, I asked her to rate her fear of storms. She put her hands about one inch apart. I was amazed!

Later that night, she was having trouble going to sleep. After a while I thought it had to do with the light shining in her room, so I shut the door. A minute later I heard sobbing. I went in, took her on my lap, and we began to talk while I cuddled her. The sum of our conversation was that she was afraid of being alone in the dark. The dark was okay if someone was there, and being alone in the room was fine if there was light, but being alone in the dark made her afraid. We never could pinpoint a trigger for that fear like we could for her fear of storms, but I decided to do the code anyway. I asked her to rate her fear, and she said it was as big as from the ground all the way up to heaven (bigger than her fear of storms had been!). We focused again on the opposite of fear, which is trust and peace, using Bible promises and positive images in her mind. I told her God dwells in darkness as well as in light, that He would never leave her nor forsake her, etc. Before we had even finished the full time the code is supposed to last, she told me that the energy she had been feeling was fading down to nothing, so I knew we were done and stopped. I then asked her to rate her fear of being alone in the dark. She said it was gone. No more fear. I said, “If I shut this door and left, you wouldn’t be afraid?” She said, “I guess not,” and laid down in her bed. She was asleep within minutes.

Now, I could have spent weeks or even months working on this fear, and may or may not have been successful. But in just a few minutes, the code healed her fear.

Now, my daughter is generally very healthy. She has no major health issues. She is still young, though, and these issues have not had enough time to cause a health issue. Left untreated, they have could caused problems later in her life. But now they can’t.

What About My Sons?

You might be wondering if I can use the codes on my sons to heal their eczema. This answer is very complicated, but the simple answer is no. I do not feel free to go into detail in this post as to why that is the case, but I might in a future post. I do, however, plan on using the codes to work with Manny on some emotional issues, especially anger. But his health issues are rooted in something other than emotions and will not go away with simply coding. I’m sorry I can’t explain why right now, but it would take a post as long as this one is already, and is enough of a different topic that it really doesn’t belong here.

If you are a close friend of mine, I would be happy to teach you the code as I know it. However, friend or not, I would still recommend you get the book. There is also extra material that you can buy that contains specific codes (not just the one universal code, but specific codes for specific emotional issues), as well as other helpful material that is not in the book. I have not purchased this yet, and may not, but some may find it helpful, and I may consider purchasing it in the future when we have some extra money, or time to save for it. The book, however, is relatively cheap. It is even available for Kindle (the version I got).

So here is your challenge: Pick one of the options below and test them for yourself. Compare them with Scripture. Try them on yourself or a loved one. Then come back here and tell me what happened!


Buy The Healing Codes Package

Buy the book from Amazon:

Book Kindle


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This post is linked to The Modest Mom Blog and Works for me Wednesday.

If you have an iPod or an iPhone, you’ve probably already learned that you can do more than listen to music and make phone calls with it. After I got my iPod, I quickly discovered dozens of mostly useful apps. I have three screens nearly full of them. Here are my top ten favorites, from least to greatest:

10. Sunset


I don’t use this app frequently, but as a Seventh-day Adventist, it is nice to know when the sun is going down. And it works offline–at least, once the location is saved. This was very handy when we didn’t have Internet.

9. TextFree
This app does exactly what it says: provide free texting for iPods. If you get the one with voice, you can even make calls with it, though, like Skype, you have to purchase minutes. Or earn them by clicking ads. I have used this to call my husband from the airport once or twice (helpful since I didn’t have a cell phone). But mostly I have used it to text a few friends, such as prayer requests to my prayer partner, or a question to my brother, etc. I don’t get the whole texting incessantly thing. I’m too old, I guess.

8. WordPress


I’m actually using this app to write this post! I downloaded it before we moved into our new home with no Internet. It allowed me to write and save offline posts to be uploaded later when I was at the Library. It also allows me to view the last few posts that have been made. This came in handy when I wanted to check a recipe I had posted but not written out. If you use WordPress and are good at typing with your thumbs, this is definitely a useful app. Great for improving spare moments in waiting rooms, for instance.

7. Kindle


I don’t see the point in spending $79 or whatever a Kindle costs now when I can use the app for free. I have purchased a few books, and also downloaded a number of free booms that I would not be able to get free any other way. I recently finished reading through the Great Controversy on my iPod, and now I’m working on Child Guidance. I love how I can take it anywhere and read a little as I have time.

6. Bible Verses (Scripture Memory)


This program is perfect for Bible memory! I just recently downloaded it, and have been going through marking the verses I already know (with hearts) and the ones I want to learn (with targets). When I finish this Top 200 list, I will start copying and pasting the verses I have on my huge stack of 3×5 index cards (it’s over 6″ tall) into it. You can review verses you already learned by showing memorized verses, or select only target verses to practice. One really nice feature of this program is that you can record yourself reading the verse (or multiple verses) and then listen to it. I think this will be really nice, since I memorize best by hearing. I could listen to recordings of Bible chapters, for instance, while I wash dishes or clean. This will really help me improve spare moments!

5. RSS Runner

As a blogger, I like to keep up with certain blogs, and an RSS reader is just what I need to do that. It is so much easier than trying to remember them all and going to check them all out–or subscribing by email and filling my inbox with umpteen messages. I can see the list of blogs, which have unread posts, how many, etc. And I can mark them as read without opening them if I so desire.


4. EGW Writings
When I first got my iPod, this program only had a couple dozen or fewer books. Now it has pretty much everything, and it’s free. Works offline. Has lots of functions, such as search, highlight, notes, etc. And you can have multiple books open at once, just like multiple tabs in a browser. It remembers where you were last time, too.

3. Pocket Sword
This is like eSword for your pocket. You can download many non-copyright translations; it has Strong’s functionality with the KJV; it has commentaries and devotionals and other features. I will admit that I have stopped taking my Bible to church, and just use this instead. Though with the slowness of the iPod, I could probably find most texts faster in a real Bible. But I with my purse, diaper bag, baby, and who knows what else, it’s nice not to have to try to keep track of my Bible, too!

2. ShopShop
This is a shopping list program. It is simple, offline, and as practical as can be. I use it almost every day. I have learned that if I don’t write things down that I need to get as I think of them or discover that we are running out, I might not remember them again until it is too late.


I used to write my grocery list on a notepad on the fridge, but that became awkward, especially since I often shopped at more than one grocery store. And what about non-grocery lists? When I downloaded this, I immediately made a bunch of lists. Each store now has it’s own list–even online stores like Azure Standard. I also keep a thrift store list, because it is so much easier to not buy needless items if I have a list, not to mention that I am more likely to remember to look for things we really do need, such as winter PJs for my son in the next size up.

As I find items, I tap them to cross them off–no need for a pen that way. Shaking the iPod will clear crossed off items. Oh, and when my daughter got a fever and we had to come home before I could get to the grocery store, I was able to email one of the lists to my husband so that he could do the shopping for me. It copied it into an email, which I was able to edit (such as putting amounts and approximate weight of bulk items so that he didn’t spend too much on more than we needed).


And my all-time favorite app is… (drum roll)

1. Errands
This is the ultimate to-do list/calendar app available. And it’s free. I first found it about a year and a half ago, and it was good then. But it is so much better now. There is nothing to compare it too. In fact, it is so special, that it deserves it’s own post. Watch for that post coming soon.

I will mention one more app: Cozi. has a calendar, menu planner, grocery lists, to-do lists, and journal. The app does not have menu capabilities, but it was a pretty nice all-in-one app–as long as I had wifi. Once I moved and went offline, it started logging me out at random times, losing all unsaved data I had entered since last syncing with the website. That’s why I started using Errands again, and what motivated me to find the shopping list app. Besides, for repeated tasks, Errands has so many more options to determine when a task is to be repeated. Cozi was rather limiting in it’s choices. And I like having my to-do list and calendar in the same app. But if you use Cozi, this app is great. If they would add menu and recipe retrieval functionality, I might actually start using it again.

So what are your favorite apps for your wireless device or smart phone?


Linky Love

In my wanderings around the Internet over the past couple of weeks, I have found a few links that I would like to share with my readers. If you find something interesting, be sure to tell me about it (so I can get an idea of what my readers enjoy).

The Home Ec 101 blog has a really great post to help get your New Year going right in several different ways.

Over at Trivium Pursuit they put a really great list of ways to provoke your child. I highly recommend this post to every parent! They also had an interview with Martin Luther that I found very interesting.

Here is a good list of ideas from one blogger’s New Years Resolutions on Raising Children. Seriously, if you aren’t following the Modest Mom’s Blog, you should be. I seem to find something I really like there every few days!

Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, better health is on almost everybody’s mind. Danny at Modern Manny posted a very good article with some simple tips for having a healthier new year.

And speaking of good health, I read a very interesting story from a lady who went vegan for her health. She experienced a miracle–or it seemed like one to her–in just 3 days! You really should read her story. It’s amazing how simple things like diet changes can have such a profound effect on us in such a short time!

And before I leave the topic of health, here’s a recipe for a delicious-looking vegan carrot cake. Fat free too! I really need to try this soon!

I also found a wonderful blog with lots of delicious allergy-free recipes on it. I’m trying these Sweet Potato Pancakes this morning.

Those of you following me on Twitter may have seen some of these before. If you aren’t, you should be! Most of my Twitter followers are guys, for some reason. I would like to have more Moms following me! (Of course, if you are avoiding Twitter, don’t think you have to join just to follow me! But if you are already there, look up “lifeofahappymom”.)

So what have you been looking at this week? Please share with me! at